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DR. EDWARD HALPERIN: Dr. Scott Atlas left his job as the pandemic advisor at the White House at the end of November. In the space of four months, did he commit medical malpractice? If so, what recourse do we have?

‘The government’s public health experts were all but silenced by the arrival in August of Dr. Scott W. Atlas, the Stanford professor of neuroradiology recruited after appearances on Fox News.’

"In a just world, Dr. Scott Atlas would have to look every single American who lost a loved one to the virus in the eye."

“Atlas has the gall to accuse the press of spreading misinformation about the pandemic. I don’t know if he knows that he worked for President Trump,” @AliVelshi  says of Dr. Scott Atlas’ WSJ op-ed blaming the media for coronavirus misinformation.

"Where is the outcry from medical leaders when doctors betray the public trust?" asks Dr. Richard Friedman. "Where was Stanford University, for example, when its faculty member Scott Atlas was telling Americans that they could forget face masks?" 

Pres. Trump, at vaccine event, says he's "hearing" the American public's herd immunity is nearing 15%. "That's a very powerful vaccine in itself," Trump says, echoing the view of his former controversial covid adviser Dr. Scott Atlas.

@marcambinder : Dr. Scott Atlas cared more about “owning the libs” than Covid-19. And Americans paid the price.

@marcambinder : Dr. Scott Atlas cared more about “owning the libs” than Covid-19. And Americans paid the price.

Trump COVID Advisor Dr. Scott Atlas Resigns From White House

Watch: Dr. Ashish Jha spoke about COVID-19 vaccines, Scott Atlas, and what to expect as the year ends on the ‘The View’

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Confirmed: Dr. Scott Atlas, a controversial member of the White House's coronavirus task force, has resigned.

The new doctor on President Trump's coronavirus task force is a critic of lockdowns who has pushed for kids to go back to schools and for the return of college sports. Dr. Scott Atlas has no expertise in public health or infectious disease mitigation.

Dr. Francis Collins, head of NIH and member of coronavirus task force, tells @NPR  the group haven't met the president "in quite some time." The president instead hears from two members who are not experts in infectious diseases: VP Pence and Dr. Scott Atlas. The quote follows.

Off to the side of the White House event, not wearing a mask: Dr. Scott Atlas

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I interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci earlier today and asked if the WH coronavirus task force is working together, or against each other, in light of the Dr. Scott Atlas issues. "Most are working together. I think you know who the outlier is," Fauci told me.

“Everything he says is false," Redfield said of Dr. Scott Atlas, voicing alarm over Atlas’ influence as Trump's new coronavirus task force adviser via @albamonica 

Dr. Scott Atlas and Dr. Bhattacharya are truth tellers in a sea of government misinformation. The CDCs own website confirms children very rarely suffer severe illness from COVID 19. End the lockdowns, protect the vulnerable! Lockdown Failures |

"Everything he says is false," says CDC head Robert Redfield, in overheard phone call, of new Trump COVID-19 adviser Dr. Scott Atlas

NEW — Fox News dayside has instructed producers to take extra care when booking Dr. Scott Atlas because they don’t deem him an expert on COVID. This is the same doctor who now has Trump’s ear on the pandemic Via and @swin24  @maxwelltani 

Hydroxychloroquine 'very safe,' says Dr. Scott Atlas; blasts 'garbage' medical studies #COVID19