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Enjoy working from home? Well, it's here to stay, says Bank of England head! Dr Hilary Ingham discusses how a new WFH world might affect the #UK 's future #economy .

Corporation tax rise and online shopping levy expected to be announced in Rishi Sunak's budget - but will it be enough to revive the #economy ? Dr Hilary Ingham discusses what extent the proposed measures and gradual #lockdown  easings will have.

"I think we are going to see some fundamental changes in the economy." Dr Hilary Ingham discusses the news that the #UK  economy contracted by 9.9% last year and if there will be a bounceback as economists predict.

1 in 7 businesses are at risk of shutting after an extended set of #lockdowns  has battered the #economy . Dr Hilary Ingham explains what the action will be needed to help separate those that should be saved and those that shouldn't.

"The restrictions have gone on far longer than people were expecting." Dr Hilary Ingham discusses a report which shows tighter #Covid19  rules slowing economic growth.

SNP are planning to introduce a four-day workweek - but is the idea feasible? DEBATE: Dr Hilary Ingham clashes professor Peter Ayton@Thruthal ) over profit v productivity.

Boris Johnson announced a £16.5bn extra boost to defence spending, but how will an economy already hampered by the #pandemic  afford it? Dr Hilary Ingham examines the expenditure to see how the move can be costed.

Fears of a DOUBLE DIP #recession  grow as #furlough  comes to an end this weekend. Dr Hilary Ingham explains the underlying issues that can occur in a country already hit with large levels of #unemployment .


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