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'There is no getting around the fact that there is a problem with Carrie Symonds, which it is probably best to have out now.' ✍️ Douglas Murray

'As a British unionist I loathe Sturgeon and remain confounded by the fact that all forms of nationalism are viewed as abhorrent in this culture unless they come wrapped in tartan.' ✍️ Douglas Murray

‘Sturgeon’s politics are of the most noxious kind: calculatedly divisive, fantastical, entirely reliant on stirring up hatred.’ ✍️ Douglas Murray

We don’t need a new law against ‘conversion therapy' ✍️ Douglas Murray

‘While MPs were talking of electric shock therapies and more, they seemed to be forgetting that it is already illegal to physically harm people in the UK.’ ✍️ Douglas Murray on conversion therapy

'We hear nothing from the Prime Minister on issues he was elected on, and far too much on ones that Carrie happens to favour' ✍️ Douglas Murray

‘We do not have First Ladies or First Gentlemen and it is very desirable for our country that that remains the case’ 🗣 Douglas Murray on Carrie Symonds Watch 👉

'After this year of absence from our national life, the C of E proposal for going forward is to go backwards once again to the issue of slavery.' ✍️ Douglas Murray

What the demise of Quilliam teaches us about Britain and Islam ✍️ Douglas Murray


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Police find some protests more palatable than others, writes Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray's new book, "The Madness of Crowds," is fantastic. As I said in my blurb, "Reading it to the end, I felt as though I'd just drawn my first full breath in years...” Do get a copy:

“Underlying all of this is a very simple problem… We were given a vote… & it turned out, of the two options we had, there was only one we were really meant to vote for” – Douglas Murray, adding “the people who lost the vote have to get over these stages of grief” #newsnight 

Am told the Pittsburgh Penguins have acquired Douglas Murray from the San Jose Sharks... trade call still pending

What's even more astonishing is that Douglas Murray's book - which Rabbi Sacks describes as one of his best books of 2017 - favourably cites none other than - Enoch Powell.

Cathy Newman’s attempt to expose Jordan Peterson as a bigot was a big mistake, says Douglas Murray

The Jordan Peterson interview fallout will be that he's branded a 'controversial professor', while Cathy Newman will avoid being labelled a ‘controversial interviewer’, predicts Douglas Murray