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Team GB passes 50 medals as cyclist Matt Walls strikes Tokyo 2020 Olympics gold

Across the US, Olympic athletes are working part-time jobs, driving for DoorDash and Uber, and crowdsourcing funds #Tokyo2020 

#LoveIsland fans left reeling as Matt brutally dumps Kaz over Tyler antics

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DoorDash delivery customers can now include products from multiple stores

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Matt and Clarisse are collateral damage in Kaz and Tyler’s relationship games on Love Island - review

The best on the list will wear criminals out. As for the worst on the list, you might as well leave your front door open.🚪 🔓

Robinhood stock extends loss after early investors open door to trim holdings via SeekingAlpha #news  #SeekingAlpha 

added $SNMP $1.48 for a bounce off the scanner chasers from earlier stop loss rush out the door. BOUNCE time


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New: A since-deleted video from 2019 shows MTG harassing @Ocasio2018 's office through a locked door. Calling her "crazy eyes" and telling her through the office's mailbox slot to "get rid of your diaper" while telling the office to open the door and come out.

Matt Hancock should have resigned over the Serco contract, the Care Home deaths, the PPE disaster and the treatment of NHS workers and carers.

At the end of the call, the President of the United States repeatedly asks for access to voter data that he knows is barred to him by law. He wants access to the data through a quiet, back door agreement. That's a big deal in and of itself.

Pelosi and McConnell need to investigate why: (1) the Capitol was so poorly prepared for today’s attack, (2) why police were taking selfies with domestic terrorists, & (3) why those guilty of insurrection were escorted out the front door instead of being handcuffed and arrested.

I remember when George Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door at the University of Alabama to bar entry to Black students. I remember when the University of Alabama had a football team that was all white. This strikes me as significant.

“Cities across the Nation that are run by Democrats are in shambles.” Matt Walsh@TuckerCarlson 

During the quarantine, a pianist in Barcelona went to his balcony to play “My Heart Will Go On” for his neighborhood. After he started, a sax player in the building next door joined him. I’m here for all of this...?❤️

I’ve been going through the interview transcripts that ODNI forced @AdamSchiffCA  to release. It’s now clear why every Republican on his committee in 2019 called for his resignation. He knew the closed door witnesses didn’t support his innuendo and fakery on Russia collusion.

Russians appear to be re-running their 2016 hacking playbook, once again to benefit Donald Trump. Will the media play along again? Will the GOP open the door again? Will the Russians help pick our POTUS again?