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Donny Dollhands couldn’t afford more than $750 in taxes that first year due to overspending on hookers.

Donny Dollhands got impeached trying to prevent Joe from coming after him. Yeah, he’s scurrrred.

From the ‘Blackmail & Extortion Wing’ of the Trump Presidential Library: Historians determine Donny Dollhands used kompromat to transform Ted Cruz from formidable opponent into a feeble, swag-bellied, insufferable sycophant. In plain sight. #BelieveYourOwnEyes  ???

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Donny Dollhands is tweeting like a very innocent stable genius (again). More accurately, he’s making Dan Scavino Jr. tweet a torrent of garbage because Donny is literally a tweet dictator and Danny is a robot with no brain. I pray he sprains a thumb.

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Did Donny Dollhands forget that he and #RudyColludy  already confessed? God, I hate these shitheads with a passion.

Haaaa! Five Democrats can beat him. Even the radical socialist manic pixie @Ocasio2018  is running even with Donny in some redneck districts. It’s over, Dollhands. Pack up your wigs. ?

Donny Dollhands’ ultimate summer playlist is just him, congratulating himself in a mirror while watching himself on TV.

@ch1pp1ng  @LaraLeaTrumpW  @kayleighmcenanyh  @RRMGOPat’s the @parscale  penalty for wearing trousers? You don’t get to sit within crotch-grabbing range of Donny Dollhands at the kkk rally?

? Listen: @MuellerSheWrote  ‘Cocked & Loaded’ • Hannity’s email exchanges with Paul Manafort? • @WasAlene  • Big Insights: Donny Dollhand’s fake raids/authoritarian tactics [41:00] #TrumpCrimeFamily  #Mannity  #NaziPlaybook  #Gaslighting 

My account got locked for telling Donny Dollhands to “jump off a cliff.”


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Donny Dollhands is so forgetful. Dude literally wrote the book on erratic behaviour, increasingly frenzied commentary, and wild outbursts on the internet. Sad!

Let the record show: Donny Dollhands played golf with his Judiciary Committee stooge in wet, stormy conditions, but cancelled a sacred WWI commitment with Emmanuel Macron & Angela Merkel due to a light drizzle. #cowardly  #pos  #criminal 

Donny Dollhands’ scheme to send an “emergency” spam to every phone in America is on hold. It’s been said a million ways, but a man who can’t be trusted with a cell phone has NO BUSINESS running a superpower.

If I get a text from Donny Dollhands I’m hiring Michael Avenatti to sue him for every dollar he never had.

Who did Donny Dollhands have to bribe to get an alleged rapist to preside over his Supreme Court cases? Related: Why is the Republican Party so fucking evil? #PostponeTheVote 

Principles. Donny Dollhands has no idea what this word means. He is utterly and thoroughly devoid of them. #Impeach45