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@TheLeoTerrell  calls out Democrats who 'eat, sleep, and drink the race card.' "[Donald Trump] made the Republican party more appealing to black."

"It's often been said that President Donald Trump broke the Republican Party. But he actually made the party his own -- and it's still his as this week closes, despite signs that it's slipping from his grips," @rickklein  writes.

Does former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card still consider himself a Republican? “I am a Republican. I do not identify as a ‘Trump Party’ member. I think Donald Trump hijacked the Republican Party,” Card told me Thursday. @boston25  @PetesWire 

"I think the Republican party is in a bit of a struggle right now trying to decide whether it is the party of Donald Trump or whether it is the party of conservative ideals," @WCU  Professor Chris Cooper said.

“My deep hope is that there are enough Republican existing members and future members who think about the long-term future of the Republican Party,” @RepDonBeyer  says. “With Donald Trump… he’s not building things that a long-term Republican Party can thrive on.” Full interview:

Whenever it starts, the impeachment trial will force a further reckoning for the Republican Party and the senators who largely stood by Donald Trump throughout his presidency and allowed him to spread false attacks against the 2020 election.

Via @InquirerUSA  Republican Party is facing defections from two camps of voters it can’t afford to lose: those saying President Donald Trump and his allies went too far in contesting the election of Democrat Joe Biden – and those saying they didn’t go ...

Ten Republican members of Congress broke party ranks to vote for Donald Trump’s impeachment, including several who had not previously said they would do so. Here’s why they acted.

"I think the Republican party is in a bit of a struggle right now trying to decide whether it is the party of Donald Trump or whether it is the party of conservative ideals," @WCU  Professor Chris Cooper said.

This is the best summation of where the GOP is now, and I wish I could quote all of it: “There are not multiple pathways for excising Donald Trump from the Republican party. And Republicans do not have the luxury of choosing the best option.”


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Say this for Donald Trump and the Republican Party, if you put *aside* the sedition, they’ve also managed to steer the country into nearly unprecedented mass death and economic misery.

Donald Trump hauled the leaders of the Michigan state legislature into the Oval Office and demanded they overturn the vote and appoint Trump’s electors despite the fact that Trump lost the state by 150,000 votes and the Republican Party generally seems okay with that.

"There's nothing about Donald Trump that won't stick on these folks. When the Republican Party tries to emerge from this and run to the showers, it's not going to work," Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson says about the GOP. "This is an authoritarian personality cult."

The problem here isn't Donald Trump. If he were ranting alone, none of this would matter. The problem is the Republican Party that is indulging him, and trying to electorally profit off him, no matter the cost to the country.

(Bloomberg)--Elliott Broidy, a former top political fundraiser for President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, has been charged as part of a wide-ranging federal probe into back-channel efforts to influence the U.S. government on behalf of foreign interests via @TheTerminal 

There is no longer a Republican Party. There is the Trump Party. No platform, no principles, no ideals, no vision. Just Donald J. Trump. GOP, RIP.

Liberals were right about George W Bush and they’re right about Donald Trump. The Republican Party is a political party incapable of governing the nation without ushering in death, devastation, and national humiliation. Just the facts.

The deal the Republican Party has made with Donald Trump is they will let him disastrously mismanage a national crisis and corruptly protect his friends from legal consequences so long as he never dares to raise taxes. It's grotesque.

With 90% approval from Republicans, I will say it again: Donald Trump embodies what Republicans want in a president and political figure. He *is* the Republican party. He *is* conservatism.

If Donald Trump's administration of billionaires and the Republican Party count as standing up for working people, God help us all.