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@RichardGrenell  tells @JosephPinion  "the Donald Trump Middle East policy has been wildly successful, we also know that the border policies have been very successful."

Former US president Donald Trump's mould-breaking approach has reshaped decades of Middle East diplomacy, but his legacy in the troubled region has quickly come under attack from his successor

As US President Donald Trump’s term comes to an end, Al Jazeera’s Jerusalem correspondent @harryjfawcett  takes a look at Trump’s impact on the Middle East and, in particular, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 👇

In four years, Donald Trump overturned decades of U.S. policy in the Middle East. But how much of that is likely to survive now that there’s a new president in the White House?

I am very happy for the killers ( Donald Trump, @SecPompeo  and the administration that was running the country behind the President) to go and ready to face a most intelligent and cruel President @JoeBiden  that will obey #Israel  & turn the Middle East into hell, with less words.

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“As Joe Biden prepares to assume the presidency he has made no secret of his intention to steer a very different course than Donald Trump in the Middle East.” @CHARLESFADDIS  @WashTimesOpEd 

ANALYSIS-What will survive of U.S. Middle East policy under Biden?: T rump Heights, Trump Square, Trump train terminal: Israel isn't shy about honouring Donald Trump, who is widely admired among Israelis for his staunch support of their country. NASDAQ

A US bomber has been spotted refueling above the Middle East as US-Iran relations reach a crucial point. The flight is seen as a show of strength by US President Donald Trump’s administration in the dying moments of its term in the White House

Donald Trump receives Morocco’s highest award for Middle East work – official


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Where are the so-called "fact checkers" on this? The Democrat media complex won't admit it, but they've been proven wrong on Donald Trump's foreign policy. He did what the DC establishment couldn't do & successfully negotiated multiple historic peace deals in the Middle East!

A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for forever war in the Middle East. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote to finally bring our troops home. Breitbart: Pompeo on Afghan Peace Talks: ‘We’re on a Pathway to Achieve’ Zero U.S. Forces in Afghanistan by Spring 2021

Donald Trump’s Middle East deal is not a peace plan. It is a plan to lock in illegal Israeli colonisation and deny Palestinian rights. It is a threat to peace. The UK government should oppose this travesty and press for a real peace deal and a genuine two state solution.

#UPDATE  Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas announced a cut of all ties with Israel and the US, including security cooperation, as the Arab League rejected US President Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan, which had enraged Palestinians

I am introducing a bill with Rep. Khanna to stop Donald Trump from illegally taking us to war against Iran. It's working-class kids who will have to fight and die in a disastrous new Middle East conflict—not the children of billionaires.

We messed up by trying to occupy Afghanistan. We messed up by destabilizing Iraq. And now Trump’s brought us to the brink of yet another Middle East war. Iran came up at all three town halls I hosted today. People are worried about what Donald Trump has done, and so am I.

"President Donald Trump has approved those increases, even though he also routinely insists that he is pulling U.S. troops out of the Middle East and withdrawing from what he calls 'endless wars'."

I mean, by all means, let's have Donald J Trump oversee a US war in the second largest country in the middle east. Obviously that is a great idea.