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"Planet Trump's dismissal of the coronavirus has taken a sick new turn." - @brikeilarcnn , on Donald Trump Jr.'s recent TV interview, in which he says the number of new Covid-19 deaths is "almost nothing." "That is a lie and it is a slap in the face," says Keilar.

Speaker Pelosi responds to Donald Trump Jr. saying Covid-19 deaths are down to “almost nothing”: "The deaths may mean ‘almost nothing’ to him, but it is everything to the families who have lost a loved one.”

@NancyPelosi : Covid deaths may mean 'almost nothing' to Donald Trump Jr., but they are 'everything' to families affected @MSNBC 

Donald Trump Jr. says Covid deaths are "almost nothing" on a day reporting 90,000 infected, 1,000 dead.

Donald Trump Jr. said covid-19 deaths are at ‘almost nothing.’ The virus killed more than 1,000 Americans the same day.

Donald Trump Jr. on Fox News about covid-19 death rates says it's dwindled to “almost nothing.” Tell that to the many people who have lost love ones.

Donald Trump Jr. dismisses Covid deaths as 'almost nothing' even as U.S. averages 800 deaths per day

Donald Trump Jr. claimed that COVID-19 deaths have dropped to "almost nothing" Thursday, a day that saw a record-breaking number of new cases in which almost 1,000 Americans died of the virus.

Analysis: Donald Trump Jr. put a perfect exclamation point on his father's bungling of Covid-19


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Donald Trump Jr. said covid-19 deaths are at "almost nothing." The virus killed more than 1,000 Americans the same day.

Donald Trump Jr.: "Why aren't they talking about deaths? Oh, oh, because the number is almost nothing because we've gotten control of this thing." Coronavirus deaths in US yesterday: 1,016 Deaths over last 7 days: 5,579 Deaths on 9/11: 2,977

Going to be fun to watch the press spin the Hunter Biden emails in the precise opposite direction they spun the Donald Trump Jr. Trump Tower emails.

Donald Trump Jr. calls out the propaganda media for largely ignoring the Senate report on Hunter Biden's foreign financial ties and the double-standard applied to him (and his siblings). @DonaldJTrumpJr 

"The idea I am kneeling in water to make it look deep is idiotic." debunks the lies being spread by Donald Trump Jr., and others who falsely claimed he and his team exaggerated the severity of Hurricane Florence. #KeepingThemHonest 

Donald Trump Jr. praised We Build The Wall and Brian Kolfage at a 2018 event: "This is private enterprise at its finest. Doing it better, faster, cheaper than anything else. What you guys are doing is amazing.”

The first two members of Congress to endorse Donald Trump, Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter Jr., have been indicted for financial crimes and campaign finance violations in the past two weeks. Gee, I wonder what they saw in Trump?

Ahem. "According to two people with knowledge of the matter, Parscale Strategy has also been used to make payments out of public view to Lara Trump, the wife of the president’s son Eric, and Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr."

Exclusive -- Donald Trump Jr. to Obama: My Dad Fixed the Economy You Could Not via @BreitbartNews