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Xenophobia was a driving force behind Donald Trump's campaign in 2016. What is less appreciated is the degree to which aggressive restriction of migration has succeeded

Donald Trump’s recent attempt to curb corporate diversity training will linger even if he loses Tuesday’s election

Donald Trump is one of the few entertainers or celebrities to make it to the White House. However, he's far from the only person to come from the television or film world and transition into politics.

Well-argued piece that shows why it's wrong to assume business still supports Trump: Corporate America is breaking with Donald Trump via @FinancialTimes 

Donald Trump has gone out of his way to woo LGBT+ voters, with "Trump Pride" events and supporters touting him as "the most pro-gay president in history."

Pictures and footage posted to social media showed sisters Haven and Koti Garza, who live in Edmond, Oklahoma, dressed as rivals President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.​

WATCH: Donald Trump's former advisor reveals the reasons being loyal to the president was 'impossible'

Donald Trump became only the third US President in the nation's history to face impeachment. How did he get there and what was the outcome? A Euronews guide.

Melania Trump wears a cheetah print dress and £545 heels for an 'affectionate' display with Donald Trump


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To help Donald Trump get the full COVID-19 experience, let’s make sure he loses his job and is evicted from his home next month.

Shock of shocks! Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed billionaire, received a $72.9 million tax refund from the IRS while not paying a nickel in federal income taxes in 10 out of 15 years. Yep. Trump l-o-v-e-s corporate socialism for himself, rugged capitalism for everyone else.

The Trump re-election strategy seems to be to argue that only Donald Trump can save America from Donald Trump’s America.

My brother was captured in Laos in September of 1974 and executed by the North Vietnamese on December 14, 1974. Fuck you, Donald Trump.

Please don’t poison yourself because Donald Trump thinks it could be a good idea.

Donald Trump believes climate change is a hoax. Donald Trump is an idiot.

transgender people show more courage when they leave their fucking houses in the morning than donald trump has shown his entire life

Anyhow fuck trump and keep going. be safe, stay hydrated, wear your mask and again, fuck Donald Trump.

After 9 years of hating Donald J Trump, telling him "lol no one likes you" was the straw

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