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#Marr asks Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab if the government is prepared to move on the Internal Market Bill to achieve a post-Brexit trade deal with the US #Brexit 

UK government will spend £400m to support children with free meals during the holidays, following Marcus Rashford’s campaign Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab tells #Marr  "we all want to look after the most vulnerable. The question is the best way to do it"

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the Government is “striving” to avoid issuing blanket restrictions nationwide

A former government scientist says that a full lockdown in England is 'very likely' - but Dominic Raab calls it an 'enigma'. Follow the latest #coronavirus  news live 👇

Dominic Raab says Government is 'ready' for TIER FOUR COVID restrictions

"We learn from the international practice" Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab tells #BBCBreakfast  that government can learn lessons from the localised measures that countries like France and Germany tried to use to tackle #coronavirus .

"You have eventually got to let people know": Nick Ferrari challenges Dominic Raab over when the Government will announce coronavirus measures for Christmas period. @NickFerrariLBC 

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab: 'The Nigerian government must urgently investigate reports of brutality at the hands of the security forces and hold those responsible to account.'

Dominic Raab has said the government has listened to @MarcusRashford  regarding free school meals. Read more here:


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Dominic Raab would not rule out Britain boycotting the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics over the Chinese Government's treatment of Uighur Muslims.

Damage from A-level fiasco now affecting all aspects of government, as Dominic Raab is downgraded to 'Dominic Rbbb'.

"The government has decided to suspend the extradition treaty immediately and indefinitely" Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says the UK will suspend extradition to Hong Kong until there are "safeguards to prevent extradition from the UK being misused"

How has Dominic Raab made it into government and not found his level as an assistant manager of a leisure centre in Stevenage

Meanwhile Dominic Raab in a press briefing last week was asked if he had read the Exercise Cygnus report. He said it wasn’t something that “springs to mind”. This was the simulated exercise to prepare for a global pandemic. Why aren’t the government fully across the results?

'Relaxing any of the measures in place risks damage to both public health and the economy' Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says the Government will extend the lockdown for at least the next three weeks

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab’s declaration of ‘sympathy' for Trump’s reckless and lawless killing of Iranian general Qassem Suleimani is craven and dangerous. Boris Johnson’s government must oppose this escalation towards another devastating war in the Middle East.

"I welcome the Hong Kong government facilitating these elections, which were an important opportunity for the people of Hong Kong to make their voices heard. We don’t want to see any more violence." Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab statement on Hong Kong district council elections

Dominic Raab, a Tory Minister in Boris Johnson's government, has admitted ?The US will be able to ramp up the cost of drugs bought by the NHS after Brexit ?He co-authored a book on NHS privatisation Our NHS is not for sale.

As David Davis is replaced by new Brexit secretary Dominic Raab, the government announces a national shortage of turd polish.