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Shadow minister for child poverty Wes Streeting says Dominic Raab should have been sacked for his handling of the withdrawal for Afghanistan, adding that the reshuffle underlines the PM's "weakness and tolerance of failure and incompetence" #KayBurley 

Number 10 says Dominic Raab's move from foreign secretary to the justice brief was "planned" and that his new title of deputy prime minister demonstrates Boris Johnson's continuing trust in him

Labour fears Dominic Raab will target rights act in new justice post

Labour fears Dominic Raab will target rights act in new justice post

"It's impossible to say whether she'll be successful or not" Former attorney general Dominic Grieve wishes Liz Truss "good fortune" in her new role at the Foreign Office. The UK is 'losing friends currently' and she'll have to "turn that around", he adds

Ex-attorney general Dominic Grieve says the PM "needed" to make a reshuffle as his "cabinet was not functioning". Mr Grieve was "very sorry" to see Robert Buckland removed as justice sec, adding that he was 'simply a victim of the reshuffle'. #KayBurley :

"Dominic is delighted to go to the ministry of justice" @BWallaceMP  quotes, adding that he is a "lawyer by trade". The defence sec insists Mr Raab "had some great successes" in the Foreign Office, despite criticism over the Afghanistan crisis last month.

Why not ask Dominic Cummings to interpret Boris Johnson’s reshuffle? I’m sure he would oblige @BBCr4today 

Boris Johnson carried out an extensive reshuffle of his cabinet yesterday as he sacked four ministers and demoted Dominic Raab


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James O'Brien takes a look at Tory leadership hopeful Dominic Raab's interviews and pulls them apart one-by-one.

I haven't commented publicly on the situation with Dominic Cummings as I have waited to hear the full details. I welcome the statement to clarify matters, but there remains aspects of the explanation which I have trouble with. As a result I have resigned as a government Minister.

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Just a reminder. Dominic Cummings is unelected, he is not a member of the Conservative Party, he passed no civil service test. He owes his position of power entirely to the patronage of @BorisJohnson 

? Why has Dominic Cummings STILL not been sacked? Do please retweet to let @BorisJohnson  know you’re growing impatient.

There cannot be one rule for Dominic Cummings and another for the British people.

This is not a real news conference. The Chief Medical Officer & Chief Scientific Officer have either been gagged &/or have told No 10 that they will not publicly back the PM’s defence of Dominic Cummings. Follow up questions have been stopped.

So. @BorisJohnson  just said that ‘most people would accept and agree’ with what Dominic Cummings did. Please answer and retweet. Do you accept and agree with what Dominic Cummings did?

Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab, 13, was buried like this after dying alone from COVID-19 - because the rules said his family couldn't attend. Dominic Cummings helped make those rules, yet broke them when his own family was involved. Despicable hypocrisy.

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Imagine if @BorisJohnson  had protected care homes with the same ferocity he’s defending Dominic f*cking Cummings?