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How did The New York Times score a starring role in Dominic Fike and Paul McCartney’s “The Kiss of Venus” video? Read the Times Insider.

“Have you,” Dominic Fike sings, “read the paper?” The song is a cover of Paul McCartney’s “The Kiss of Venus,” and Fike is shown at a printing plant taking in the 14 miles of conveyor belts ferrying copies of The Times all around him.

At a New York Times printing plant in Queens, the soundtrack is usually the rapid thwap of blank paper turning into the next edition. But one night in February, thanks to a famous Beatle and Dominic Fike, things got a little more musical.

Once they began shooting, Dominic Fike marveled at the organized chaos happening around him. “I don’t know what I expected, but it was surreal,” he said. “It felt like the North Pole, like Santa’s elf factory on the evening of Christmas.”

What do you do to make a Dominic Fike music video more arresting? You have Paul McCartney whistle. And The Times's printing presses hum. 

Besides Travis Scott, other Fortnite concerts have featured Marshmello, the D.J. who wears cartoonish headgear; the producer Diplo; the rapper and singer Dominic Fike; and the K-pop sensations BTS

Fortnite fans might want to head over to Party Royale, because Dominic Fike takes the stage in just a few minutes. Here's everything you need to know about the Spotlight series:

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Dominic Fike takes the stage in Fortnite later tonight. Here's how to watch the Spotlight concert, what time it's on, and when the encores take place:

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'Fortnite' concert series debuts with Naples native Dominic Fike playing in-game show


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Watch the rise of one of pop music’s new talents as we follow the singer-songwriter-rapper Dominic Fike on tour and in the studio for our new documentary at 10/9c on FX and streaming on Hulu.

Dominic Fike signed a multimillion-dollar record deal right out of jail without so much as a single that anyone could hear. 2 years later, his debut album is out. Watch the start of his unlikely rise in our new documentary coming to FX and Hulu.

dominic fike's major label debut is here 🙌

i love dominic fike

The rumors are true: I am in love with Dominic Fike.

? @halsey 's new album will feature interludes from Suga of @BTS_twt , @Alanis  and Dominic Fike.

Dominic Fike makes his TV debut performing “Phone Numbers” with a little help from @kennybeats  ? #FallonTonight 

? @halsey 's new album will feature interludes from Suga of @BTS_twt , @Alanis  and Dominic Fike.

. teams with Dominic Fike for new video "Peach" ahead of his album, which drops tonight.

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Now or Never: The Chaotic Rise of Dominic Fike made some songs and went to jail. When he got out, the world was watching: