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So glad FT comrade @tomburgis ’s Kleptopia made it through Russian customs – a thrilling tale of international financial skullduggery for all fans of McMafia, Billion Dollar Whale, and Moneyland

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If you liked Billion Dollar Whale, try this. MBS is like Jho Low, just he’s running a country.

/4 And Steve Bannon, a major China hawk, was arrested this week on Guo Wengui’s yacht. Question now is: What happens to Guo? If he gets arrested too, that’s good for Jho Low, the Billion Dollar Whale, who is living under China’s protection.

It's a $7 billion fraud heist that involves Hollywood, politics, Wall Street & even financed The Wolf of Wall Street Movie! Hear this real life, crazy, ongoing story about Jho Low, the Billion Dollar Whale, from author @TomWrightAsia  on The Roth Effect

Million-Dollar Bitcoin Whale Says Traders Should Track Two Altcoins in Addition to BTC

THE DAILY HODL: Million-Dollar Bitcoin Whale Says Traders Should Track Two Altcoins in Addition to BTC 🙋 ⟶ √

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David Solomon & co topped the most-read overnight news stories, I’ve asked for the film rights to Billion Dollar Whale for Xmas, US fiscal jostling helped turn US yields up a bit and I’ve just heard someone say he likes festivals for the sensation of standing in a field..

HUGE-if you've been following the 1MDB/Billion Dollar Whale/Jho Low story, this is a crazy development. Goldman Sachs makes historic $3.9 BILLION settlement for their role... PS-I have a great podcast coming about this w in a few weeks! @TomWrightAsia 

Picton to Kaikōura Whale Trail among multimillion-dollar PGF grants for Marlborough, Nelson

'Every dollar counts': Whale watching fee reprieve boosts tour operators


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Man City owner Sheikh Mansour is referred to in latest DOJ civil asset lawsuit as EMIRATI OFFICIAL #1 . The lawsuit details how Mansour’s $600 million yacht Topaz was acquired partly with stolen 1MDB money, confirming details in Billion Dollar Whale.

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Couple facts on Low/Thailand: 1) Low has made payments through a Thai friend, Phengphian Laogumnerd; 2) Low’s father was born in Hat Yai (Teochow Chinese); 3) The family own or owned a stake in the Korean mall in Bangkok; 4) Low lived in St Regis. See Billion Dollar Whale. #1MDB 

Of course Thailand’s government protected Jho Low and had Xavier Justi arrested. #1MDB  See Billion Dollar Whale:

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@tpagon @pannikawanichBillion  Dollar Whale is not available in Thai book stores as distributors were unwilling to carry it. But Thais who are interested can buy online:

For 3 years, & I have investigated one of the largest financial heists in history. Its mastermind is a man named Jho Low, a fugitive. In our new book, Billion Dollar Whale, on-sale today, we tell a true-tale of crazy rich Asians. Read on: /1

Malay version of Billion Dollar Whale, out this month!

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5) He partied while on the run in Avani Riverside in Bangkok, with Nicole Scherzinger and Swizz Beatz; 6) He was able to get Thai police to arrest Xavier Justo, a whistleblower on his scheme, and get access to Thai jail. #1mdb  See Billion Dollar Whale:

Here’s a story that explains why Billion Dollar Whale was not available in Thailand when the book first came out. #1mdb 

Thais have been asking why Billion Dollar Whale#1mdb ) was not available in Thailand. Jho Low threatened bookstores, and distributors in Thailand refused to take it, but now I hear it’s available in Asia Books and elsewhere. Or try Amazon or here:

Malaysia’s historic election result was a backlash against 1MDB and kleptocracy. In September, Billion Dollar Whale will paint, over 400 pages, the inside story of Jho Low and his stranger-than-fiction life.