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@EsperDoD current way of communicating with the public and news media appears to be taped messages on which is an internal DOD video and news website run by the government. The latest taped message here.

The Pandemic Shut Down Other DoD Innovation Efforts, So We Took Ours Online | Commentary by @mcplummer1789  and @justidme 

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Military ban on Confederate flag grows. US Forces Japan commander joins @GenRobertNeller  @DogFaceSoldier  in ban. DOD still working on a policy. Joint Chiefs expected to move on it.

Do you have questions for DoD' alt='EsperDoD' /'>@EsperDoD , #GenMilley , or #SEAC4  Ramón "CZ" Colón-López on topics like #COVID19 , recent developments in the South China Sea or OPSEC? If so, post them here for a chance to have your question answered live at the next virtual DOD town hall.

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Military ramps up again for medical #COVID  response. Approximately 740 Department of Defense medical and support professionals from the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force are now assigned as part of DoD's ongoing COVID-19 operations in Texas and California.

DoD provides several ways to get help in the absentee voting process, which can be a little daunting especially for first-time absentee voters.

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WH #CTO  to take over #DOD 's top research role

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Lt. Gen Place asks servicemembers DoD wide to consider donating plasma in the fight against #COVID19 .

Defense contractors pressure #WhiteHouse , #DOD  for more #pandemic  stimulus funds:

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How #DOD 's executive exodus could affect tech #modernization 

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-A corporate lawyer runs DOL -A pharma exec runs HHS -A coal lobbyist runs EPA -An oil lobbyist runs DOI -A Raytheon lobbyist runs DOD -A steel lobbyist is the US trade rep -A banking exec runs USDT Trump drained the swamp alright… ...right into the White House.

Two shocking facts of this administration's failures to lead on COVID: 1. The Pentagon offered HHS 2,000 ventilators but haven't been told where to send them 2. The DOD offered 16 labs for processing tests two weeks ago, still not in use

In addition to the ventilators HHS hasn't told them to send anywhere, DOD also has more than a dozen labs that could process COVID-19 tests. They offered the labs to HHS for civilian use **more than two weeks ago**. HHS never bothered to put them to use:

I just forced votes on 4 amendments for witnesses & documents to: Subpoena Mulvaney, Bolton, Duffy, Blair, & WH, OMB, DOD, State Dept documents Require the Chief Justice to rule on motions to subpoena documents & witnesses But Senate Republicans just kept voting for a cover-up

At trial, we held up these redacted emails and asked Senators if they wanted to know what Trump was hiding. They didn’t. Now we know why: They confirm OMB misled Congress about DOD’s objections to the illegal hold on Ukraine aid. The truth will come out.

Americans deserve a fair trial But @SenateGOP  blocked reasonable amendments that subpoena 1—WH Docs 2—State Dept Docs 3—OMB Docs 4—Mulvaney 5—DOD Docs 6⁠—Blair/Duffey 7—Relevant Docs 8—Bolton and that make (9, 10, 11) commonsense rules changes Why are they enabling a cover-up?

The Office of Management and Budget, State Department and the DOD have failed to comply with Congressional subpoenas. Despite this unprecedented obstruction, we’ve uncovered significant evidence of Trump’s abuse of power. And we’ll continue to expose the truth.

Far from transparent, Trump has engaged in unprecedented obstruction. He‘s blocking more than a dozen witnesses from testifying. His White House, State Dept, DOD, OMB, and Energy Dept are defying subpoenas for thousands of documents. The American people see through this.

If you believe the DOD just randomly decided to start spending nights at a luxury golf course in Scotland, well, Donald Trump has a rapidly depreciating asset to sell you. Taxpayers aren’t responsible for bailing out Trump’s failing businesses. The corruption is in plain sight.

President Trump, Sec. Mattis, and DOD should send the Navy, including the USNS Comfort, to Puerto Rico now. These are American citizens.