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Doctors say a viral claim stating the COVID-19 shot causes issues for people who want to get pregnant is a myth. Here's why.

Facing thumbs down for in-person Covid-19 treatment due to liability issues, Indian doctors in US offer virtual help

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126 Doctors Died of Covid-19 This Year, IMA Says it Will Ascertain Vaccination Status of Deceased #IMA  #CoronaVaccine  #COVID19 

Doctors have rejected claims that homeopathy medicines can replace oxygen for seriously ill Covid-19 patients They criticised 'fake' social media posts in India recommending Aspidosperma, as a surge in cases leaves hospitals scrambling for oxygen

A former Department of Health (DOH) Secretary said on Thursday, May 6, lawmakers and doctors who distributed the anti-parasitic drugs as potential treatment for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) should be held liable.

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Some doctors say they believe the COVID-19 vaccine could be available for those between the ages of 12 and 15 in the coming weeks.

Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor has offered free meals to over 500 doctors on Covid-19 duty at a civil hospital in Ahmedabad. #SanjeevKapoor  #Covid19  @gopimaniar )

Some doctors think there will be a need for a third COVID-19 vaccine "booster" shot.

As more people are getting COVID-19 vaccines, doctors are hearing about more possible side effects.

Doctors say it's a matter of when, not if we'll need a booster shot for the COVID-19 vaccine.


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Discussed the prevailing COVID-19 situation with leading doctors and medical experts. India is proud of the efforts of our doctors, nurses and medical staff, who continue strengthening the fight against the global pandemic.

Don’t panic. Doctors/ virologists I’m speaking to say 98% of people will be fine, even if they get Covid-19. They expect it will go around the world, but that most people who get it will be a little sick, then recover. The danger is to vulnerable people. Hospitals/ old age homes.

Took my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at AIIMS. Remarkable how our doctors and scientists have worked in quick time to strengthen the global fight against COVID-19. I appeal to all those who are eligible to take the vaccine. Together, let us make India COVID-19 free!

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On 16th January, India takes a landmark step forward in fighting COVID-19. Starting that day, India’s nation-wide vaccination drive begins. Priority will be given to our brave doctors, healthcare workers, frontline workers including Safai Karamcharis.

A humbling Herman Cain/coronavirus timeline: 6/24: Attends Trump rally, maskless 7/2: Tests positive for Covid-19 7/10: Says he’s improving 7/15: Says his doctors seem happy 7/27: Says he’s really getting better 7/30: Dies

A promise is a promise! This afternoon I tested Covid-19 NEGATIVE!!! I told you guys I’d beat this. 💪🏽 thank you all for your prayers for me and my family. My eternal gratitude to the doctors and nursing staff at Nanavati hospital for all that they have done. 🙏🏽 THANK YOU!

Today on #WorldHealthDay , let us not only pray for each other’s good health and well-being but also reaffirm our gratitude towards all those doctors, nurses, medical staff and healthcare workers who are bravely leading the battle against the COVID-19 menace. 🙏🏼

India salutes our doctors- exceptional care givers who are at the forefront of a spirited fight against COVID-19. #doctorsday2020 

Hearing all this in one day: 1. Doctors saying Covid has "mutated" and is now more "nakakahawa" 2. UP experts say Covid cases may reach 100k by August 3. Travel is opening, both local and international 4. "Sasayawan po natin, we have to deal with Covid 19." What to feel po 😣

Many people are highlighting different aspects of how India is combating COVID-19. This is certainly boosting the morale of all those doctors, nurses, municipal workers, airport staff and all other remarkable people at the forefront of fighting COVID-19. #IndiaFightsCorona