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If either job looks interesting please do considering applying – or if not share it with your friends, or hit the RT button. And if you've got any questions about either vacancy, my DMs are open.

There's much much more here from @tylerkingkade  , @oneunderscore__  , and me. And if you have any info on these fights, nationally or at your local school board, my DMS are always open.

Recording a Radio Show in a few minutes, fire over any Qs below or in the DMs and we'll tackle on air...

If you’ve used Turo…just want to say my DMs are open 🙃

Africa’s entertainment deals are going down in the DMs

I almost never get bad DMs: no one has asked me for feet, cleavage, etc pics.

We don't talk much about it anymore, but the fact that SMS/iMessage/WhatsApp/FB Messages/Signal/Instagram DMs/etc/etc/etc don't work together is a real accessibility issue for #adhd  people.

For 15-20 days DMs monitored & prepared report of combined numbers(deaths).This is not 2-day work, report was prepared in 15-20 days & released y'day. Govt's intent is to reach out to (COVID) deceased's families& help them financially: Bihar HM on increase in COVID deaths' number

Any asset managers out there want to tell me why they voted against Morrisons remuneration report? DMs open...


Most relevant

Makes me want to see Chris Wallace’s DMs

This is already said by @YourAnonCentral  but we'll reiterate, stop sending nudes or we'll close our DMs as well

DMs are fine. She just hasn’t responded.

I have received texts, emails and DMs from people (some reporters) who say that Cuomo is too powerful and too feared in New York that he will never be held accountable for his terrible (and deadly) orders during this pandemic - no matter how glaring the evidence.

We have #Madden21  Beta codes! If you want a chance to win one: ? Retweet this ? Tell us which console you use ? Check your DMs

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ATTENTION: If Donald Trump paid you to take the SATs for him, hit me up on twitter. DMs are open.

We’re having some trouble delivering DMs right now. You may be getting DM notifications, but not seeing the messages that were sent. As soon as this is fixed, we’ll let you know!

sliding into your DMs like ? ? ? ❤️ ? ? ?

Huge huge huge THANK YOU to everyone whose dms I slid into, friends, & family who provided information, resources, love & encouragement. We are humble LGBTQ+ allies with ALOT to learn & grateful for all the support. We encourage yall to check us as needed ? Again, thank you!