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In a tweet, Conor McGregor, the former two-division UFC World Champion, said he's "boxing Manny Pacquiao next in the Middle East."

Underdogs Erin’s Own fly the hurling flag for the Imokillydivision once again

An originalist legal culture would revive America’s common creed and take the edge off political division, write John O. McGinnis and Michael B. Rappaport

In a tweet, Conor McGregor, the former two-division UFC World Champion, said he's "boxing Manny Pacquiao next in the Middle East."

Great finally to watch live football - Harpenden Town v London Colney in the Spartan South Midlands League PremierDivision, the ninth tier of English football. Harpenden winning 4-1, 60 minutes gone.

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Boris Johnson has called for us to 'reach across borders' to repair 'ugly rifts' of division.

Clifford and company making most of Eastdivision's 'riches' and resources


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After decades of division and conflict, we mark the dawn of a new Middle East. Congratulations to the people of Israel, the people of the United Arab Emirates, and the people of the Kingdom of Bahrain. God Bless You All!

I join @JoeBiden  in condemning this violence. This can not—and must not—be who we are. Americans deserve a president who will heal our country and bring people together—not fan the flames of hate and division.

JUST IN: Wisconsin Governor Evers sends letter asking POTUS to reconsider trip to Kenosha — “I am concerned your presence will only hinder our healing. I am concerned your presence will only delay our work to overcome division and move forward together,” Evers writes.

To watch a President wage a 4-year campaign of deliberate division, trolling, and stoked unrest, and then when that steady injection of national division boils over, to watch him blame the party not in power... is truly one of the great political con jobs in American history.

A #POTUS  whose name alone creates division and anger. Whose words inspire dissension and hatred can't possibly "Make America Great Again"

We share division. We share the vision. Luv ya ??

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Even if the methods are new, sowing the seeds of doubt, division, and discord to turn Americans against each other is an old trick. The antidote is citizenship: to get engaged, organized, mobilized, and to vote - on every level, in every election.

I'm starting to wonder whether "Sleepy Joe Biden" is really an argument for the Democratic candidate. I think many people could use a little sleep, and a president who isn't up at all hours rage tweeting conspiracy theories and societal division.

The Fake News is doing everything in their power to blame Republicans, Conservatives and me for the division and hatred that has been going on for so long in our Country. Actually, it is their Fake & Dishonest reporting which is causing problems far greater than they understand!

We all know that ! "This is the mcgregor division!"