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This dippy guy is all like, "Well we never impeach presidents and lookit, they're trying it twice with this guy and why is that, hmmmm?" And, like, maybe if he didn't crime so hard and so endlessly we wouldn't have to?

Seriously, having the guts to speak truth to power is the definition of strength, not this weak and dippy fratboy shit.

Similar to no excuse charter schools funders who send their kids to hippy dippy private schools with no grades

Here's a round-up of the headlines with @RGhattaura  inc: - Cambridge-based@AstraZeneca  develops 70% effective #COVID19  vaccine 💉 - Temporary store to open in a #Norfolk  town, whose only supermarket burnt down 🛒 - Dippy the dinosaur's visit to @Nrw_Cathedral  delayed again 🦕

'Conspiracy theorists are deeply dippy but deeply dangerous,' says Polly Hudson

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Never going to be a better time to discuss this so, despite now seemingly 'roid rage covidiots, "dippy'>Deeply Dippy" is actually a properly awesome tune...

Are the 67 to 68-year-old high-profile white dude opinion-havers OK? Not, like, in general but specifically these past few days because boy howdy are these dippy kings spouting trash takes what seems like even more than usual.

I just ate a French bakey-dippy-cheese so strong it fizzed on my tongue. It was a bit like licking a rusty iron railing. In the BEST way.


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Not to be all hippie dippy but it’s wild that we spray cotton with pesticides to keep up with demand then shove that cotton up our vaginas

Now fracking is in trouble, while renewables just keep getting stronger. But I guess some people just have a hard time taking hippie-dippy energy sources seriously 3/

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Made this birthday video to play before @diplo ’s set at @EDC_Orlando .. love you @diplo ..ur my betsy dippy ????

I'm having dippy egg and soldiers for breakfast. I'm actually excited to eat it, that's sad right? Reminds me of school days! Perrie <3

Now here we are over a year later and I was promised proof of “MUH RUSHUH” and all we have are desperate pols who just repeat the same dippy and debunked accusations. <JerryMaguire>Show me the proof!</JerryMaguire> /finis

After nearly four decades standing guard at the gateway to the Natural History Museum, Dippy the dinosaur has made way for Hope the whale

Dippy the Dinosaur is set to be disassembled ahead of its national tour #dippyontour 

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Dippy the Diplodocus posing with the WWC trophy at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in #Pittsburgh !

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See how @NHM_London 's Hintze Hall has evolved since 1895. In 2017 #Dippy  Diplodocus will move after 35 years #r4today 

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