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Man who allegedly killed schoolboy while trying to rape boy’s mother dies in detention #jakpost 

Questions over whether ballots will count if someone votes early but dies before Election Day are especially pressing this year, amid the coronavirus pandemic. 17 states prohibit counting such ballots, but 10 states specifically allow it.

What happens if Trump or Biden dies before the election?

Prominent Orthodox Jewish leader who urged others in Brooklyn to respect lockdown rules dies of COVID-19

Bride-to-be dies after botched liposuction at Malaysia beauty salon


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A humbling Herman Cain/coronavirus timeline: 6/24: Attends Trump rally, maskless 7/2: Tests positive for Covid-19 7/10: Says he’s improving 7/15: Says his doctors seem happy 7/27: Says he’s really getting better 7/30: Dies

BREAKING: 'Black Panther' actor Chadwick Bosemandies at 43 after 4-year fight with colon cancer, representative tells AP. Find updates here:

Grant Imahara, host of 'MythBusters' and 'White Rabbit Project,' dies at 49

90-year-old woman dies from Coronavirus after asking doctors to save ventilators for younger patients. "I had a good life, keep it for the younger ones." Rest in peace, Suzanne. ❤️

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It begins by seeding the ground with a falsehood: "They spied on the Trump campaign." It's then promoted by the President, who echoes the falsehood. Then his allies call to investigate the falsehood. This is how propaganda works. It is also how democracy dies, one lie at a time.

BREAKING: Three-time heavyweight boxing champion & Olympic gold medalist Muhammad Alidies at age 74.

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