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In a previous life, I would have been at Sam the Record Man in Dieppe first thing and raced home to play the new Elton John 45 on repeat. Now, see an email ad for his Britney Spears duet, read a review online and stream it. Same result. Listening over and over again. 🎶🎧👍🏾

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80 years ago, Canadian soldiers took part in the Dieppe Raid – one of the most difficult and tragic days of the Second World War for our country. Today, we remember those brave soldiers who defended our values of peace, freedom, and justice.

On this day in 1942, nearly 5,000 Canadians fought with courage and resilience in the Dieppe Raid. Their heroism changed the course of history, and their sacrifices will never be forgotten. #LestWeForget 

His death brought to a close an extraordinary 81-year career highlighted by a singular act of bravery in Dieppe that was credited with saving the lives of scores of Canadians. #RestInPeace 

Dieppe veteran who was Canadian Army's longest-serving officer dies at 101

76 years ago, nearly 5,000 Canadian soldiers stormed the beaches of Dieppe – more than 3,300 were killed, wounded, or taken prisoner. Today, we remember them and honour their courage & sacrifice. #LestWeForget 

On the 75th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid, we honour those who sacrificed so much in those pivotal events of WWII:

Canada is strong and free thanks to the sacrifices made by the heroes before us, may we always honour their memory #Dieppe75 

'Angel of Dieppe' nun who stood up to Nazi soldiers and saved British and Canadian soldiers' lives dies aged 103

World War Two heroine 'Angel of Dieppe' dies at 103

75 years ago, our men battled impossible odds with courage & hope at Dieppe. Today, we remember them & honour the sacrifices they made.