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“Even the most committed dictators have a hard time hanging on when the public has completely turned on them.”

It is a painful irony that the safety of the Belarusian Jewish community, decimated by the Nazis, now lies in the hands of two neighboring dictators@milanczerny  & Boris Czerny | Opinion

“Even the most committed dictators have a hard time hanging on when the public has completely turned on them.”

Yes, I remember Hillary going ecstatic how free internet will bring all the dictators down. She changed her mind afterwards.

Pegasus scandal: How the Mossad pushed invasive spyware to friendly dictators. LISTEN to @yossi_melman  @EstherSolomon  @omerbenj  @spungin  + SUBSCRIBE to Haaretz podcasts

Even the most committed dictators have a hard time hanging on when the public has turned on them, writes @KenRoth . Highlighting the ways in which these regimes have failed their people may be the best way to deprive today’s autocrats of their legitimacy.

"Many other dictators have captured their people’s imaginations in this way: If the ruler becomes inseparable from the state, you have no choice but to dream that he can change": Qaddafi’s Son Is Alive. And He Wants to Take Libya Back

Does the PRC want to break the chart of the COMP.. i don't think so. Is Xi a chartist? anything is possible...Dictators like to keep you guessing...

Sell, sell, sell: Israel's no brakes approach to arming world dictators with lethal weapons and cyber arms LISTEN and SUBSCRIBE to Haaretz weekly with @EstherSolomon  @yossi_melman  @omerbenj  @spungin 

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MSNBC Host Ali Velshi Bashes US and Israel Over Middle East Policy: 'America's Fascination With Taking Out Dictators is Limitless' (Opinion by @jacksonrichman )


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HAPPENING NOW: I'm on the Floor to demand the Senate take up our amendment ending the use of Trump's secret police in Portland & across the country. Dictators use secret police, not leaders of a Democratic Republic. This has to stop, & it has to stop now.

So the ‘experts’ and wannabe dictators, aka governors, were wrong, wrong, wrong and now they demand more bailouts. Open the economy now! Strict COVID-19 lockdowns had no clear benefit over voluntary social distancing measures: Study

Just before dictators fall, they often lash out at immediate family members and close aides and call them traitors.

Trump claiming a victory he never won, and saying he will take it to the Supreme Court. This is what dictators do. Stop.

NEW: @SenSasse , during apparent call w/ constituents, excoriated @realDonaldTrump , saying he mishandled #coronavirus , "kisses dictators' butts," spends like "drunken sailor," mistreats women & trash-talks evangelicals. There's so much more... @dcexaminer 

Trump budding up with dictators is RADICAL. Trump having interfering with the justice department is RADICAL. Trump pandering to the police and army (I gave 3 raises) is RADICAL.

Restricting mail in voting during a pandemic is dangerous enough. But Trump's statements highlight another threat: He's laying the groundwork to delegitimize millions of votes this fall. And cast doubt on the result. This is what tin pot dictators do. Not U.S. Presidents.

For 7 years, I covered dictators and strongmen in West and Central Africa. The No. 1 move of an incumbent who thinks he’s going to lose an upcoming election, is to delay the ballot citing security concerns or else technical issues - “oops, ballots couldn’t be printed in time!”

This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence. However, @Twitter  has determined that it will allow terrorists, dictators, and foreign propagandists to abuse its platform.

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1. Funny how Biden barely criticizes Putin, and on the China virus doesn’t criticize Xi.  Instead, he smears Trump.  The reason is the Democrats don’t really have any problems with Putin or Xi and both dictators are rooting for Biden.