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#WATCH : Lt Gen KJS Dhillon, Colonel of the Regiment of Rajputana Rifles pays homage to fallen soldiers by laying a wreath on the Remembrance Day of the Rajputana Rifles of the Indian Army, at the Delhi Cantonment

The dhillon'>Beant Dhillon trial has been postponed after a juror tested positive for COVID-19, according to the judge. #DhillonTrial 

Looking forward to guest hosting @IngrahamAngle  tonight! Joining me are @SaraCarterDC  @lara_j_log @PeteHegseth @CortesSteven  @pnjabann '>Harmeet Dhill @pnjabann @RaymondArroyo  @mschlapp ) . We’ve got you covered, see you at 10p ET!

The trial for dhillon'>Beant Dhillon, the woman accused of drowning her infant grandson just after he was born, was postponed Wednesday after a juror failed to show for court.

Dhillon said yes, in the Punjabi culture, if a 14/15-year-old girl got pregnant out of wedlock, no man would marry her. Dhillon said that her daughter was her responsibility, but whatever her husband told her, she had to obey. #DhillonTrial 

Dhillon said she called her husband because she could make any decisions without him. #DhillonTrial 

Dhillon is breaking down into tears, insisting to the prosecution that she had no decision when it came to obeying her husband. #DhillonTrial 

Allen asked Dhillon if she ever participated as a nurse in childbirth. Dhillon said yes, many times. She said though that was nearly 25 years ago for one month. #DhillonTrial 

Allen is trying to solidify that Dhillon's background contradicts her statements now that she believed she had to obey her husband, even if he was abusive. #DhillonTrial 

Allen is asking Dhillon about her upbringing. He asked if her father brought her up to believe men and women are equal. She said yes, but her father was not home often and her mother would raise them to believe that women obey their husbands. #DhillonTrial 


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Shortly after Newsom announced new guidelines that would require some three-quarters of the state’s students to continue online-only learning in the fall, attorney dhillon'>Harmeet Dhillon said she is planning to sue him over what she called an onerous order.

Stylish, elegant and classy. An absolute beast the Audi Q8 ??Glad to be a part of the launch with Mr dhillon'>Balbir Singh Dhillon, Head@AudiIN  #AudiQ8  #8thDimension 

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Museums on Netaji Bose and Azad Hind Fauj are a key part of Kranti Mandir. History echoes from these walls. In this very building, brave sons of India, Colonel Prem Sahgal, dhillon'>Colonel Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon and Major General Shah Nawaz Khan were put on trial by the colonial rulers.

The new Audi A6 is here and there isn’t a better way to start this year’s festivities. It was a pleasure being at the launch with the Head of Audi India Balbir Singh Dhillon. Check out the new A6, it’s brand new, inside and out. ? @AudiIN  #AllNewAudiA6 

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Great oped by @pnjaban  highlighting the travesty of justice and loss of life caused by sanctuary cities and states like California. dhillon'>Harmeet Dhillon: Kate Steinle’s killer escapes punishment – Sanctuary for illegal immigrants endangers us all #FoxNews 

Ready for War. Harmeet Dhillon@pnjaban  says the White House and Republicans are ready and prepared to fight against the Dems’ sham impeachment push. #AmericaFirst  #MAGA  #Dobbs 

Anonymous Sources. Harmeet Dhillon@pnjaban  on the ability for anyone in the intelligence community to make baseless claims and act as a whistleblower under new rules. #AmericaFirst  #MAGA  #Dobbs 

Congratulations Rahul Aware for Gold in Men's 57Kg, Babita Phogat for Silver in Women's 53kg, Kiran for Bronze in Women's 76Kg wrestling, Seema Punia for Silver & dhillon'>Navjeet Dhillon for bronze in women’s discuss throw, Tejaswini Sawant for Silver in women ‘s 50m rifle probe #CWG18 

Lt General KJS Dhillon in Srinagar:We had done in-depth analysis of terrorism in Kashmir. 83% of local people who pick up weapons had record of stone-pelting.I request all mothers,if today your child throws stones at security forces for Rs 500 then he'll become terrorist tomorrow

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