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Monitoring agency in NY recommends Deutsche Bank to cease operations with Russia despite having no legal right to dictate the bank’s policy

@TonyTassell  @OlafStorbeck “Mr Loetscher currently poses a very high reputation risk [for Deutsche Bank], in particular as his former employer from 2021 will be Deutsche Bank’s auditor,” Mr De Masi said.”

Deutsche Bank’s top accounting executive is being investigated over his role as the auditor of Wirecard while at his former firm, Ernst & Young

What makes a successful #OpenBanking  story? Today at @OpenBankingExpo , @joris_hensen  will be speaking about Deutsche Bank’s #APIBanking  and #EmbeddedFinance  initiative. #dbAPI  #obexpo 

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Deutsche Bank 1/3: From central banks there isn’t a great deal taking place this week, though we will get the minutes from the FOMC’s November meeting on Wednesday. Our economists believe the focus will be on what the committee are thinking about in terms of changes to QE and

Technology is transforming #EmergingMarkets  #currency  #trading . “Advances in algorithms and #AI  technology are sharpening the tools available on e-platforms for traders and corporate clients alike,” said Deutsche Bank’s Gordon Alexander. Read more:

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The Chinese government issued debt at a negative interest rate for the first time in a bond sale that attracted significant investor interest, according to Deutsche Bank, one of the banks that helped arrange the transaction.

Our #SriLanka  Country Chief Vikas Arora spoke to @lmd_lk  about Deutsche Bank’s franchise in Sri Lanka and how the bank is responding to the pandemic. Read more: #PositiveImpact 

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Deutsche Bank's CEO urges regulators to provide more relief to Europe’s banks to keep loans flowing during the pandemic


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Deutsche Bank’s troubles are Donald Trump’s troubles.

Berman and the SDNY have also reportedly been probing Deutsche Bank’s compliance with money laundering statutes. DB has a long financial relationship with Trump and the Kushners. My column from 2018 on some of this:

....And remember, a bank that I did use years ago, the now badly written about and maligned Deutsche Bank, was then one of the largest and most prestigious banks in the world! They wanted my business, and so did many others!

President Trump, his 3 eldest children and his private company filed a federal lawsuit against Deutsche Bank and Capital One, in a bid to prevent the banks from responding to congressional subpoenas

"We now know beyond any doubt that Deutsche Bank is sitting on a vast trove of Trump’s personal and corporate financial records... going back over the full scale of the bank’s 20 year relationship with him." - New York Times reporter David Enrich

News: Major Wall Street banks including Deutsche Bank and Bank of America have given congressional committees investigating Trump thousands of pages of documents related to Russians who may have had dealings with Trump, his family or his business.

Trump administration has waived part of penalties against big banks for manipulating Libor. One of the waivers was granted to Deutsche Bank — which is owed at least $130 million by Trump and his business empire

This, of course, isn’t true. President Trump desperately needed loans from banks for most of his career. He then stiffed them for about $3.4 billion and almost went personally bankrupt. Major banks considered him a pariah after that (except for Deutsche Bank).

Democrats are launching an investigation to discover why Deutsche Bank was willing to lend the Trump Organization money when other banks wouldn’t and whether Russia was involved

BREAKING: New York’s banking regulator has asked Deutsche Bank and two other banks to provide info about Jared Kushner, his family and the Kushner Cos., and report.