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Deutsche Bank Boosts Arthur J Gallagher & Co $AJG Price Target to $125.00

The economic disparity between minorities and others has manifested itself in many ways. Deutsche Bank’s Apjit Walia talks to @NPR  about his report on Tech and Diversity: @Marketplace  #dbresearch 

Deutsche Bank has informed its staff that they don't need to return to the office at 60 Wall Street until July 2021, according to an internal memo obtained by CNN

According to a Deutsche Bank study, the U.S racial tech gap will eventually keep Black and Hispanic workers out of a majority of jobs in our rapidly growing digital economy.


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Deutsche Bank lent Trump $2 billion over past 2 decades. It's also preferred bank of Russian oligarchs. N.Y. prosecutors subpoenaed the bank's records back to 1990s as part of a criminal probe into the Trump Organization. The bank just complied. Will he be indicted January 21?

Why does a president tries to fire his own hand-picked US Attorney less than 5 months before the election? Two words: Deutsche Bank.

....And remember, a bank that I did use years ago, the now badly written about and maligned Deutsche Bank, was then one of the largest and most prestigious banks in the world! They wanted my business, and so did many others!


Dems continue desperate attacks on President - & : subpoena his finances from Deutsche Bank -: subpoenas his finances from Mazars accounting firm -: chasing his tax returns -: launched 81-letter fishing expedition

BREAKING / NBC News: Deutsche Bank agrees to pay $150 Million fine for what the NYS DFS calls a failure to monitor the behavior of high risk clients, in particular Jeffrey Epstein.

Today’s court ruling directing Deutsche Bank to comply with the Congress’s subpoenas for President Trump’s financial records is another victory for the rule of law, our Constitution and our American Democracy.

Now that it looks like Deutsche Bank disappeared Trump’s tax returns and scrubbed its servers, it seems like an appropriate moment to mention that Trump’s “special banker” at Deutsche was Justice Kennedy’s son (not mentioned in this recent news).

Breaking: will probe 's personal finances, obtain Deutsche Bank records as HPSCI chair in Jan. My story.

BREAKING: For the second time this week, a federal judge just ruled in favor of the House and against President Trump, who sued to stop Deutsche Bank from complying with our subpoena. Two different judges, same conclusion: Trump’s stonewalling is without merit.