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This tiny charity is doing gigantic things to end homelessness in Detroit by seeing these folks as human beings. They see the whole picture. via @freep 

A Metro Detroit charity CEO is facing federal charges for allegedly fleecing his employer and using the money for a wide variety of personal expenses.

Detroit charity leader charged with using funds for vacations, home repairs

'We Lived It': Detroit musician Charity finds 'More Cake' after COVID-19 dashes tour plans

Weeks after Detroit publicist David Rudolph@DEricsonPR  battled #COVID19  early in the pandemic, he quickly shared information on which clients would be open for carryout or closing and then created a charity for all the unused food to help those in need 8/

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Matthew Stafford Speaks About Trade to Rams For First Time, Donates $1 Million to Detroit Charity

Detroit charity brings relief to families struggling to pay for dog food, veterinary care

Detroit Lions Fans Thank Matthew Stafford With Donations to Charity, Raise $11k

As the Detroit Lions prepare to trade quarterback Matthew Stafford, fans showed their appreciation by donating to a charity that hits close to him for the 32-year-old QB:

18-year-old Wayne State student, charity board member killed in Detroit Christmas night via @WWJ950 


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Author @Mitch Albom has released a new book — chapter by chapter — that he wrote in real time. “Human Touch” is free to read online. Instead of paying for access to the novel, Albom encouraged readers to donate to his charity, Detroit Beats Covid-19!

Michigan State Rep. @KayLyme  received good news from President Trump: help is on the way for Detroit during this pandemic. And then she received even more good news live on the air from my charity, @Mercury1Charity !

The Detroit Lions are hoping to raise $200,000 for charity by selling 2,000 raffle tickets at $100 a piece with a prize of two tickets to this year’s Super Bowl.

Eight-year-old Daerye Neely and mom Dionna Neely walked into their new home in Detroit to find a wonderful surprise - a furnished home decorated for free by charity Humble Design after the co-founders heard about the Neelys' story of hardship. with the #PersonoftheWeek 

Pragmatism or being bought off? Detroit Lions owner offers players money for charity if they stand during anthem

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@BigSean  discusses his Detroit youth charity work on CNN.

On my way to Madison for Andy North charity event. Stopping in Detroit. One our best airports.

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Challenging @JODYHiGHROLLER  to a charity wrestling match. No Holds Barred. Detroit Warped. RT now.

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