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Details on new Russiagate documents released, @EmeraldRobinson  reports on the latest.

Just think- Press spent 3yrs on Russiagate using unnamed sources +political gov leaks +debunked dossier loaded w actual Russian disnfo bought by DNC/Clintons   Now they dismiss Biden family biz story EVEN THOUGH details r from on-record sources +gov docs etc   Double standard????

Comey said he didnt kno abt problems w Page FISA b4 he approved again+again If true wheres his outrage that agents made him look foolish by w/holding details? I often tell new agency heads either u run agency or agency runs u Who ran FBI during Russiagate+Where is accountability?

RUSSIAGATE CONTINUES: The president authorized all documents to be released without redactions. It’s unknown if the public will see more documents before the election. Newsmax TV’s @_Cappadonna_  shares details.

“According to his criminal investigation, it seems that he is involved in a plea agreement. Kevin Clinesmith also helped investigate the Clinton email scandal.” @GeorgePapa19  shares details on Former FBI Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleading guilty in the ‘Russiagate’ scandal.

@DavidKlion  People are not paying attention to the Russiagate details, bc they neither removed Trump or are sticking to Biden. (Remember "unmasking? ") But it's genuinely nuts that we know one campaign exploited hacked information and the defense "it's actually a crime to investigate that. "

What's on the Lavrov-Trump table: Iran, nukes and… Russiagate? DETAILS:

I've always suspected, when it comes to Russiagate, that it is far more likely that people will be prosecuted for trying to cover up embarrassing details and derail the investigation than for any actual collusion.

FBI & DoJ have yet to provide critical details from #RussiaGate  & Clinton probe, despite Congress's ultimatum