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‘I own you’: Rodgers mocks Bears fans as Packers continue domination of Chicago

Here we go on reverse Milk Run JNU > PSG > WRG > KTN > SEA. Thank you @AlaskaAir 

@_Abdulwahab You're good to go. We'll send you a reminder before the event starts on October 18 at 10 a.m. PDT. Hang tight – a special #AppleEvent  is less than a week away. Reply#unsubscribe  to opt out.

@kochie_online  asks Victorian Premier@DanielAndrewsMP : "when you look back, do you regret the decisions you've made?"

All the way back into the lead for the Sky!!! Sorry NFL you’re on pause for now!

There are thousands of different versions of Cinderella. In fact, many fairy tales you know exist in dozens of different countries. Why do we keep telling versions of the same story? Why are fairy tales so compelling? Stream Fairy Tales, Explained:

You might be spending more when you go shopping at H&M

The 8 Best Workouts to Do If You Struggle With Back Pain—and the Ones You Should Avoid

Live: All the COVID news you need from across Australia


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Too many incredible memories to mention but not a day goes by that I don't think about how amazing it was. @NiallOfficial  @Harry_Styles  @LiamPayne  @zaynmalik  . So proud of you all individually.

Feeling pretty emotional today. 10 years!! Spent the morning watching old interviews and performances. Just wanted to send a massive thank you to ALL of my band mates. What we did together was incredible

And to the fans. The people who gave us all these amazing opportunities. You are incredible, your unmatched level of loyality is something that makes me really really proud.

It’s such a major part of our lives and always will be. Cheers to US today boys and thank you to all you beautiful people who have supported us over the last 10 years. @LiamPayne  @Harry_Styles  @zaynmalik  @Louis_Tomlinson  ❤️ #10YearsOfOneDirection 

I’m going to give away $30,000 to 1 random person who retweets this tweet AND follows Twitter Philanthropist@pulte  and Me!! (If you don’t follow us, we can’t DM you the money) Will show proof! Much love

I’m gonna give away $5,000 to 3 random people who retweets this and follows me! ❤️ Quarantine is lasting way longer than expected and I wanna keep helping out. Love you guys ⭐️