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The Democrats keep coming up empty in their desperate attempts to trip up Judge Barrett. They know they can’t question her qualifications so they’re grasping at straws. I say keep it coming. Judge Barrett is proving she is highly qualified and will do an excellent job.

LISTEN IN! It's the @newsbusters  podcast! @TimJGraham  covers Democrats and the liberal media's desperate attempts to attack Amy Coney Barret.

LISTEN IN! It's the @newsbusters  podcast! @TimJGraham  covers Democrats and the liberal media's desperate attempts to attack Amy Coney Barret.

"For Democrats, things are pretty rosy," writes @gailcollins . "Places that were seen as knee-jerk Republican until about five minutes ago are now full of fascinating, desperate fights."

The Senate Republicans will not vote for a meaningful stimulus because they don’t want the Democrats to help people. No Republican should be returned to office in November if we want to help desperate, hungry and sick people unable to pay healthcare bills.

CHARLES HURT: "Why, if this is such a done deal, are Democrats so desperate right now?"

Watch out for desperate late hits by Democrats trying to torpedo Barrett, @HughHewitt  writes

It has become crystal clear that @collins4senator  is not centrist due to any convictions of her own. She straddles the fence because she’s terrified of Republicans and desperate to have Democrats re-elect her. #coward 

1) Schumer: Not a single Democrat will make these attacks or make personal, religious beliefs an issue – but that doesn’t matter to my Republican friends. Oh, no. They’ll try to slander Democrats with this imaginary issue anyway because they are desperate for a distraction.

Democrats are desperate → Jerry Nadler wants to pack the courts, and Nancy Pelosi wants to try to impeach the President again—just for doing what the Constitution requires him to do!


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A 40 minute opening statement from a guy who overheard a phone call that was “a couple minutes.” THIS is the Democrats’ last ditch effort? Talk about desperate.

Democrats are never going to stop. They’re desperate to attack President Trump by any means necessary. Now Elizabeth Warren says she wants to create a task force to investigate the Trump administration. When you drain the Swamp, the Swamp fights back.

Democrats impeachment efforts stall. But less than 24 hours later, they plan to subpoena the personal emails of the First Family. They are so desperate to get the President. They just can’t help themselves.

Democrats are so desperate to attack the President that they won't even allow Republicans to speak.

Business owners and hard-working Americans tell us every day how great the economy is under President Trump. But now the Left is openly wishing for a “recession!” It’s the clearest example yet: Democrats are desperate to stop the President, even if it hurts America.

What’s happening at the Senate today is simple: Desperate Democrats are demanding a do-over. Why? They rushed, they leaked, they lied. They still have no case. And they know it.

Democrats are engaged in presidential obstruction. They're so desperate to stop the President that they won't help the country. The President's had enough! Can't blame him. (1/7)

Democrats are so desperate that one of their biased witnesses is now attacking the President’s 13-year-old son. Absolutely disgraceful.

Peggy Noonan, the simplistic writer for Trump Haters all, is stuck in the past glory of Reagan and has no idea what is happening with the Radical Left Democrats, or how vicious and desperate they are. Mueller had to correct his ridiculous statement, Peggy never understood it!

Democrats’ treatment of Barr is the REAL obstruction of justice. They’re scared of what his probe into FBI spying might uncover, so they’re desperate to attack his credibility.