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The Asheville City Council voted unanimously to provide reparations to Black residents and their descendants, and has apologized for the North Carolina city's historic role in slavery, discrimination and denial of basic liberties.

BREAKING NEWS: The city of Asheville has unanimously passed a resolution to provide reparations to black residents and their descendants.

'Riverdale' topliner @kj_apa  and 'Descendants' star @SofiaCarson  have been cast in the pandemic thriller, #Songbird 

Bacteria can pass on memory to descendants, researchers discover

JUST IN! Asheville city council members unanimously passed a resolution to provide reparations to black residents and their descendants. The resolution also apologizes for Asheville’s role historically in slavery and discrimination.

They lost the Civil War and fled to Brazil. Their descendants refuse to take down the Confederate flag.

A painting that was returned to the descendants of a Jewish art collector who was forced by the Nazis to sell the famous piece of art, will be put on the auction block for £4m. Via @TheArtNewspaper .

A Wisconsin abolitionist's descendants are asking state officials to reinstall the man's statue outside the state Capitol after protesters ripped it down last month.

Richmond, Va • “Art Africain” by Ekow Bartels • “Sharondra (the model) and myself wanted to present images that depicted the beauty of and within Africandescendants,” said Ekow • “In particular, we wanted to show…


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Why are calls for ethnic repentance confined to whites? The Apache and Comanche were warlike, conquering tribes. Yet no one today asks their living Native Americandescendants to publicly repent of the murderous depredations of their ancestors. Why is this? #ApachePrivilege 

Five young descendants of Frederick Douglass read and respond to excerpts of his famous speech, "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?" — which asks all of us to consider America's long history of denying equal rights to Black Americans.

BREAKING: Actor Cameron Boyce, known for his roles on Disney’s ‘Descendants’ & ‘Jessie’ has died at age 20, due to "an ongoing medical condition." His family confirmed his death just minutes ago stating that Boyce had passed away in his sleep due to a seizure. RIP.

Actor Cameron Boyce, known for his roles in the Disney Channel franchise "Descendants" and the TV show "Jessie," has died. He was just 20 years old.

Antifa is far more dangerous than the “fascists” they purport to be fighting. Antifa thugs are, in fact, the true descendants of Mussolini’s blackshirts and Hitler’s brownshirts. They ARE the fascists! #AntifaDomesticTerrorists 

This nation was born with lofty ideals, but also with murderous subjugation of those in bondage, and their descendants. Racism has rent the justice of our national fabric ever since. The burden to right these injustices must fall most heavily on the privileged not the oppressed.

Henry Ford would be very disappointed if he saw his modern-day descendants wanting to build a much more expensive car, that is far less safe and doesn’t work as well, because execs don’t want to fight California regulators. Car companies should know....

Watch: Jawaharlal Nehru’s interview where he says all Muslims in India are descendants of Hindus via @OpIndia_com 

me and my daughter are big fans of "jessie" and "descendants" rest peacefully Cameron ????

We can give Musharraf fast track citizenship since he is from Daryaganj and suffering persecution. All self—acknowledged descendants of Hindus are qualified in a new CAA to come