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'How is this not antisemitism?' dershowitz'>Alan Dershowitz says AOC has finally crossed the line...

Oh spare me. She's just a victim, like Les Wexner or Alan Dershowitz.

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President Trump has been taken to hospital after testing positive for coronavirus- what happens next? Lewis Goodall maps out the possible scenarios and we speak to pollster Larry Sabato and constitutional lawyer dershowitz'>Alan Dershowitz. #Newsnight  WATCH -

There's no need to think 'seriously' about the 25th Amendment at this time, dershowitz'>Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax TV:

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"This is not only unchartered ground - this is constitutionally ambiguous ground." - Constitutional expert dershowitz'>Alan Dershowitz on the ramifications if Trump is incapacitated @AlanDersh  | #Newsnight 

"I think they are some voters who would be effected by the sympathy factor enough to change the outcome of the election" - dershowitz'>Alan Dershowitz on on the effect Trump's hospitalisation could have on the race. @AlanDersh  | #Newsnight 

At 82, Dershowitz would be a splendid choice. Maybe she could whisper in Trump's ear.


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“I think today what has happened is that news reporting has become part of the adversary system.” dershowitz'>Alan Dershowitz It has become tainted and corrupt! DJT

dershowitz'>Alan Dershowitz: “These are not crimes. He (Mueller) has no authority to be a roving Commissioner. I don’t see any evidence of crimes.” This is an illegal Hoax that should be ended immediately. Mueller refuses to look at the real crimes on the other side. Where is the IG REPORT?

“Trying to use the 25th Amendment to try and circumvent the Election is a despicable act of unconstitutional power grabbing...which happens in third world countries. You have to obey the law. This is an attack on our system & Constitution.” dershowitz'>Alan Dershowitz.

Thank you to brilliant and highly respected attorney dershowitz'>Alan Dershowitz for destroying the very dumb legal argument of “Judge” Andrew Napolitano....

“There are no felonies, there are no Impeachable offenses. The Constitution’s very clear that you need bribery, treason, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. You can’t be impeached for the conduct that’s been alleged in this case.” @AlanDersh  Dershowitz. @seanhannity  A Scam!

dershowitz'>Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law Professor: “It all proves that we never needed a Special Counsel....All of this could have been done by the Justice Dept. Don’t need a multi-million dollar group of people with a target on someone’s back. Not the way Justice should operate.” So true!

...there was no probable cause for believing that there was any crime, collusion or otherwise, or obstruction of justice!” So stated by Harvard Law Professor AlanDershowitz.

Lets see: Speaker Pelosi sends in Schiff and Nadler and President Trump sends in Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr. That should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of the two cases.