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Justice Katju opposes India's extradition plea against Nirav Modi;deposes in favour of fugitive in UK court.

Former Supreme Court Judge Justice@mkatju  deposes in favour of Nirav Modi in the extradition hearing at a UK Court. He tells the British Court that Nirav Modi will get convicted in India without any fair trial. @sanjaysuri88  reports

LK Advani deposes in Babri case, cries political vendetta The proceedings were mandatory in order to enable the 90-year-old BJP veteran, who is one of the 32 accused facing trial in the case, to plead his innocence if he so considered. via @TOILucknow 

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Babri demolition case: L K Advanideposes via video link READ:

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Babri demolition case: #LKAdvani  deposes before CBI court via video conferencing

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Babri demolition case: LK Advanideposes before CBI court

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Babri demolition case: Murli Manohar Joshideposes before court, records statement


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Blessed be the name of God forever & ever, for wisdom & power are his. He causes the changes of the times & seasons, establishes kings & deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise & knowledge to those who understand. Daniel 2:20-21

If studying Latin American history shows us one thing, it's that when the military deposes a government and the new guys say "we will call fair elections soon," the whole world should just trust them, walk away, and stop paying attention

#Breaking | WATCH: After US panel raised J&K rights 'abuses,' massive move to counter Lutyens narrative. Activist deposes before panel. Activist lists crimes against Hindus in J&K. Questions absence of outrage,justice. ‘Did Lutyens cover-up ‘genocide?’ | #LutyensDuplicityUnmasked 

If Avenatti deposesTrump, he becomes the Democratic 2020 frontrunner by default.

State deposes in court today; Maoist-JNU funds link claim, 'electronic proof retrieved'. JNU 'firebrands' embarrassed. They 'slander' Union Mantris; heap insults on 'nation state' Are Maoists inciting 'JNU brigade'?asks #MaoistJNULink 

It is God Who changes the times and seasons; He sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning

"Sorry boss, it's my turn now..." #Zverev  deposes eight-time #Halle-winner  #Federer 

During these courses they also taught us that India is enemy of Islam: David Headleydeposes before Mumbai court.

@BeingSalmanKhan 's driver deposes in court, says he was driving the car when the accident happened - TV reports

#otd in AD 350: Magnentiusdeposes the Roman emperor Constans, proclaiming himself emperor

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