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Dems John Larson, Danny Davis and Bill Pascrell today joined Sherrod Brown in calling for Biden to fire Andrew Saul, Trump's holdover Social Security commissioner whose term doesn't end till 2025

"I think she would be wise to rethink some of the things that she’s saying,” ex-House Dem Caucus chair John Larson tells The Hill. Establishment Dems' public criticism of Ocasio-Cortez an interesting contrast w/GOP's typical deference to successful primary challengers. (2/2)

Rep John Larson organized gun sit-in, says GOP efforts to disapprove of sit-in would be "well worth it" as it helps Dems make pt on guns

Rep John Larson on GOP efforts to disapprove of Dems gun sit-in: Any attention we have to bring attention to this, we welcome.

House Dems John Lewis & John Larson want meeting with Speaker to discuss two amendments to gun/terrorism bill next week