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"Republican obstructionism sent the party down a dark and destructive path," writes @themaxburns . "Democrats—especially obstructor-in-chief Joe Manchin— should internalize that lesson."

@WayneRoot  says "unfortunately, illegal immigrants get here and they vote for Democrats, especially in Georgia where I think that's a huge problem."

“There was no building the American welfare state without the left, and if it’s to be rebuilt, the left will have to be part of it,” writes @jbouie . “Democrats, especially would-be heirs to F.D.R., should take care to remember that fact.”

American parties have often fiddled elections in the past - Democrats especially - famously LBJ in the 1948 Texas Senate race, and Major Richard Daley in Chicago in 1960. So can Americans be confident that serious fraud hasn’t gone on in 2020?

“Some House Democrats, especially from moderate districts, have been very concerned about the failure to get together on" a deal for COVID-19 aid, says @SusanPage . But there were others who calculated that it “was likely to help President Trump.” Watch:

5. Pulling the earnings rug out from under the market could prove risky for Democrats, especially since corporate earnings are already under pressure from the pandemic (though their losses or reduced profits also mean a higher tax rate would take a smaller bite short-term).

By Friday morning, Democrats, especially those with a military background, were reacting with both outrage and a sense of opportunity, denouncing President Trump and assuring veterans and military families that they had their backs

This is where I think about the lessons of the Obama era. When Democrats distanced themselves from Obama, they made Obama less popular. And that ended up killing congressional Democrats, especially the Democrats who were most eager to distance themselves from Obama. 5

Sen. Mitch McConnell's earlier decision to hit “pause” on new relief has infuriated Democrats, especially as state and local governments clamor for aid to prevent worker layoffs.

Black adults, college grads, Democrats especially likely to talk about COVID-19 outbreak frequently

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Have you ever noticed that Democrats, especially POTUS candidates, are ALWAYS about banning stuff or free stuff? It's never about building America, creating jobs or helping the working class. It's always about pandering to special interests, illegals & our enemies!

Twitter banning political ads is a great gift to Donald Trump Trump doesn't need to pay for promoted tweets because the press will push anything he tweets already Democrats, especially in the primary, need to amplify their reach to stand out They can't compete with Trump

While the GOP may get a Kav. bump in some red states, poll shows that his approval is the lowest for a nominee since Bork. With Trump’s words today as fuel, it seems that this confirmation will more likely drive Democrats (especially women) to the polls. Pls join next

New SCOOP: Democrats, especially in the House, are quietly planning on using an obscure law that will enable them to examine the president’s tax filings without his permission. via

The says “Democrats, especially on the Foreign Relations Committee, are really engaged in shameful political behavior.”

Both parties have failed Black Americans, but the Democrats especially have taken your votes while ignoring your voices. #BlackLivesMatter