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Some commentators have said ideas like “defunding the police” hurt Democrats in the November elections. But new polling shows most swing state voters support reallocating police funds, along with single-payer healthcare and investment in renewable energy.

Wolf: "People think [Democrats] might flip the House this November, but you guys always find a way to mess it up. You're somehow going to lose by 12 points to a guy named Jeff Pedophile Nazi Doctor."

Peter Navarro: Democrats 'Did Violence to This Country by Attacking a President Who I Believe Was Legally Elected on November 3rd'

As House Democrats voted unanimously to impeach President Donald Trump for the second time, the varying responses among GOP lawmakers revealed rifts within the Republican Party that were already discernible after Mr. Trump's defeat in November.

How Democrats Learned From November And Won In Georgia @robillard  / HuffPost) HAEkjFuy0i

14TH AMENDMENT: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says some House Democrats are "considering invoking the 14th Amendment to expel Republican lawmakers who had participated in efforts to subvert the results of the November election." But what does that mean?

President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in November was tempered by concerns that he would face Republican opposition in the Senate. These worries eased when Democrats took control of Congress and the White House for the first time since 2011

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In a state long dominated by Republicans, Democrats won Georgia’s electoral votes for president in November and two U.S. Senate seats in runoff elections Tuesday, defeating Kemp's hand-picked Senate appointee.

Republican Senate minority leader Gregory Baca of Belen lamented that Democrats didn’t embrace proposed relief to frontline workers during a November special session.


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I am forcing a vote tonight to adjourn the Senate until after the November election. The GOP in the middle of a national election is using an illegitimate process to jam through a Supreme Court nominee to rip away health care from millions. Democrats are fighting to stop it.

The Democrats will open up their states on November 4th, the day after the Election. These shutdowns are ridiculous, and only being done to hurt the economy prior to the most important election, perhaps, in our history! #MAGA 

Wow! Despite the Democrats views across TV and online lie (Con!), we had 147.9 million, the Republican National Convention blew the Democrat National Convention AWAY. Not even close! Just like their lies on Russia, Football (PLAY!) and everything else! NOVEMBER 3rd.

Very disappointed in @SenSchumer  for blocking the temporary extension of the $600 unemployment benefits. The Do Nothing Democrats are more interested in playing politics than in helping our deserving people. DRAIN THE SWAMP ON NOVEMBER 3RD!

Corrupt Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t want to open schools in the Fall for political reasons, not for health reasons! They think it will help them in November. Wrong, the people get it!

The great people of Pennsylvania want their freedom now, and they are fully aware of what that entails. The Democrats are moving slowly, all over the USA, for political purposes. They would wait until November 3rd if it were up to them. Don’t play politics. Be safe, move quickly!

This November, we are going to defeat the Radical Socialist Democrats and win the Great State of Iowa in a Historic Landslide! #KAG2020 

A vote for Democrats in November is a vote to let MS-13 run wild in our communities, to let drugs pour into our cities, and to take jobs and benefits away from hardworking Americans. Democrats want anarchy, amnesty and chaos - Republicans want LAW, ORDER and JUSTICE!

Democrats in the Great State of Nevada (Which, because of the Economy, Jobs, the Military & Vets, I will win in November), be careful of Russia, Russia, Russia. According to Corrupt politician Adam “Shifty” Schiff, they are pushing for Crazy Bernie Sanders to win. Vote!

The Democrats want to abolish ICE, which will mean more crime in our country. I want to give ICE a big cheer! Vote Republican in November.