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Democrats blast FBI as new details of Kavanaugh inquiry emerge

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"Why do Democrats want children and Republicans and parents to be racist?" @tatianaibrahim5  asks AOC. @AlisonMayPR 

Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to say they have not been vaccinated and probably won't be, 43% to 10%. The poll was conducted before several Republicans and conservative cable news personalities this week urged people to get vaccinated.

Democrats want to prevent the Sacklers from being protected against lawsuits over the opioid epidemic via “There is not one set @WSJof  laws for everybody in this country and a special exception for rich people.” oh but there is

Union officials say their requests for a meeting have gone unanswered since March, but, in a statement to V.F., Sen. Manchin said he has “engaged in conversations” with the parties involved “to find a solution that protects every single job.”

“He has always been someone who’s been out there campaigning for Democrats up and down the ticket his entire career."

MSNBC has reached the point of fearmongering where they're saying Earth will soon be uninhabitable unless Democrats force radical policies through Congress.

Op-Ed: Democrats should seize this recall as a practice round for the midterms (via @latimesopinion )

How Corporate America Became a Political Orphan: With populism on the rise in the GOP and the Democrats moving left, the business community is struggling to find allies in a polarized era. ^WSJ #Business  #Finance  #CFO 

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Given President Biden’s goal for pharmaceutical self-sufficiency, it seems possible the plant could be deemed critical infrastructure. But Biden officials appear to be tiptoeing around Manchin, who plays an outsize role in the Democrats' majority.


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I saved at least 8 Republican Senators, including Mitch, from losing in the last Rigged (for President) Election. Now they (almost all) sit back and watch me fight against a crooked and vicious foe, the Radical Left Democrats. I will NEVER FORGET!

Time for Republican Senators to step up and fight for the Presidency, like the Democrats would do if they had actually won. The proof is irrefutable! Massive late night mail-in ballot drops in swing states, stuffing the ballot boxes (on video), double voters, dead voters,

Washington is being inundated with people who don’t want to see an election victory stolen by emboldened Radical Left Democrats. Our Country has had enough, they won’t take it anymore! We hear you (and love you) from the Oval Office. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Democrats would never put up with a Presidential Election stolen by the Republicans!


For years the Dems have been preaching how unsafe and rigged our elections have been. Now they are saying what a wonderful job the Trump Administration did in making 2020 the most secure election ever. Actually this is true, except for what the Democrats did. Rigged Election!

The @US_FDA  and the Democrats didn’t want to have me get a Vaccine WIN, prior to the election, so instead it came out five days later – As I’ve said all along!

Don’t buy GOODYEAR TIRES - They announced a BAN ON MAGA HATS. Get better tires for far less! (This is what the Radical Left Democrats do. Two can play the same game, and we have to start playing it now!).

The Democrats took the word GOD out of the Pledge of Allegiance at the Democrat National Convention. At first I thought they made a mistake, but it wasn’t. It was done on purpose. Remember Evangelical Christians, and ALL, this is where they are coming from-it’s done. Vote Nov 3!

To get into the Democrat National Convention, you must have an ID card with a picture...Yet the Democrats refuse to do this when it come to your very important VOTE! Gee, I wonder WHY???