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'WE CAN'T STAY HOME': @mtgreenee  says "we're not going to hand our seats to Democrat socialists that want to tear our country apart." @JosephPinion 

COMPROMISED BY CHINA?: Chris Salcedo says 'a vote for a Democrat-Socialists is a vote for Xi Jinping.' via Newsmax TV's 'The Chris Salcedo Show.'

Democrat socialists learned nothing from this election and they are well on their way to implementing their 2021-2022 plan. Our work is just beginning to stop this radical takeover of NYC and NYS.

Joe Biden and the Democrat Socialists will kill your jobs, dismantle your police departments, dissolve your borders, release criminal aliens, raise your taxes, confiscate your guns, end fracking, destroy your suburbs, and drive God from the public square.

WATCH 🔊: Democrat socialists often project their own qualities and 'totalitarian' beliefs onto others, explains Newsmax TV's Chris Salcedo.

BLM is a violent hate group. They don't care who they hurt, or what they destroy. @realDonaldTrump  should name them as a domestic terrorist organization and lock them all up. They are the Democrat Socialists modern day brownshirts!

This is the future of the American church if Democrat socialists get political control. Socialism is the first phase on the way from capitalism to communism: In China, 200 communist officials demolish church, beat Christians#MAGA  #Trump 

The New Democrat Socialists v. The Ancient Old @DNC  Establishment...great column here by my friend @Charlie_Gerow  => "Democrats disastrous debate exposes their internal civil war" #DemDebates  #Election2020 

What are you more offended by? Bloomberg trying to buy the presidency with his money or the rest of the Democrat Socialists trying to buy it with your money?

- @MikeBloomberg  did what he set out to do - got under the skin of the Democrat socialists and challenged their control of the party


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This is all over California... Democrat/Socialists policies at work... Worst part @MayorOfLA  was on TV touting all his accomplishments regarding the homeless crisis. If this is the Dems definition of success I'd hate to see their disasters.

From the #ToddStarnesShow  @RepMoBrooks  says MSM and Democrat Socialists are using impeachment to try and influence the 2020 election. LISTEN:

Dangerous Democrat socialists are driving their party over the liberal cliff—as we're seeing now with their impeachment obsession. ? Here are the FACTS about their ?????? agenda ?

Di Blasio has made Free Speech illegal in NYC. Of course its unconstitutional, but Democrat Socialists do not have a problem taking away our rights: New York Makes It Illegal To Call Someone An Illegal Immigrant from Dems#WalkAway  #Trump 

Democrat Socialists call their new health care plan "Medicare for All." But when you read the actual legislation, it would → Bankrupt#Medicare  for current and future seniors. → Kick 150 million Americans off their current insurance. A better name would be "Medicare for None."

Venezuela used to be the jewel of Latin America. Then what happened? The government took over and everything failed. These are the same policies that Democrat Socialists like Bernie Sanders are pushing for. It didn't work for #Venezuela , and it won’t work for the United States.