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Dozens of Democrat Representatives are getting paid for NOT working. They are staying home, skipping votes, and still collecting a paycheck from taxpayers. It's called shadow voting, and it's Nancy Pelosi's way of consolidating power for herself.

A bunch of Democrat Representatives didn't show up for work this week. Yet they still got paid by taxpayers. RT if you think that's wrong.

2. Let's end police protection for Hollywood, sports stadiums, Democrat-voting congressional districts, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, leftwing universities and colleges, etc.?  I'm down for that.

✅ The Republican Senate is working. ✅ The Republican @WhiteHouse  is working. ❌ The Democrat House of Representatives is not. The founders would be ashamed of what Nancy Pelosi is doing right now.

Two state representatives, one a Democrat, one a Republican, believe Texas officials should address police reform in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

5/ In Indiana, two longtime US representatives (one Democrat and one Republican) are retiring with each party eyeing a new chance to flip the seats.

70 Democrat Representatives aren't bothering to show up for work this week—yet they are still getting paid. Republicans are taking this to court. Tune in to the @HouseGOP  press conference starting at 11am ET.

If the majority of democrat representatives truly do support these violent protesters, whey aren't they in the streets with them, showing their support? It's almost as if they're scared of what they claim to support.

The colossal $3 trillion stimulus bill that passed in the Democrat-controlled US House of Representatives on 15 May is drawing mixed responses from #agricultural  interests | #ArgusFertz  #legislation   Read Argus' @hyde_connor 's report:

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Champaign County GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, who argued that a panel the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is creating to oversee the coronavirus crisis is actually a Democratic plot to discredit President Donald Trump, was appointed to the new panel.


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MUST SEE: "Every 4 years, the black community is offered handouts and fear." absolutely shreds Democrat representatives.

The American people deserve elected leaders who will work day in and day out. That's not what they're getting from the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

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Representatives Omar and Tlaib are the face of the Democrat Party, and they HATE Israel!

“This is the biggest, most disgusting scandal, and it’s all on the Democrat Party that has highjacked the Impeachment process, our tax dollars, the House of Representatives, to push their 2020 Election. That’s what’s going on.” @marklevinshow  Cannot be said any better!

“Rep. John Conyers, a Democrat and the longest-serving member of the House of Representatives, settled a wrongful dismissal complaint in 2015 with a former employee who alleged she was fired because she would not ‘succumb to [his] sexual advances.’”