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Flight No. 4 is targeted for April 29. 🗓️ #MarsHelicopter  has met or surpassed all its tech demo goals. Now, we'll push performance. We'll up the time airborne to 117 seconds, increase max airspeed to 3.5 m/sec (8 mph), & more than double the total range.

The 2-in-1 range of Surface devices come with laptop-to-tablet versatility, enabling you work from anywhere, anytime. Sign up for a demo.

COCOA BEACH AIR SHOW: Officials announced the F-22 Raptor will replace the F-35A Lightning II Demo Team. Then Monday, a B-52 Stratofortress long-range bomber joined the lineup @Florida_Today 

#Azure has a range of developer services to help you design your application in the cloud. Learn more and see a demo of building a cloud-native application—starting from scratch:

SPONSORED: Want to see what’s been cooking in Startup UCLA’s Summer Accelerator? 😲Yes? Demo Day is this Thursday, September 10! Register on Eventbrite to hear pitches of their teams, which range from beverage to fitness 🤩 We’ll see you(virtually) there!

@NASA #Countdownto MarsQuestion: if the Mars 2020 launch was to slip a few days, are there any range or other resource conflicts with the Demo-2 splashdown currently scheduled for Sunday? Could both take place the same day?

The thing is John Swinney and I spoke at the absolutely fantastic Perth demo. There were a wide range of pro Indy voices speaking that day. Surely that’s what we need. ‘One banner’ that brings everyone together.

Weather-wise, for Demo-2, we've got a long way to go. And fortunately NASA has seven different landing sites to choose from around Florida. But let's hope they get home August 2, because after that medium-range models suggest increasing tropical activity near Florida.

U.S. @PacificMarines  with 9th Engineer Support Battalion and Combat Logistics Battalion 31 @IIIMEF , @3rdMLG , practice their training and knowledge of improvised explosive devices at Demo Range 2, Camp Hansen, Okinawa. #SemperFi  #BOOM  #Lethality  #FreeandOpenIndoPacific .

We're now delivering a range of our #HR , #healthandsafety  & #leadership  training online. But what exactly is a virtual classroom? We've put together a demo showcasing the great range of interactive options this training method provides. Find out more 👉


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Tear gas and pepper spray? Try harder! Check out the moment a die-hard protester walked away unfazed after police maced and shot him at point-blank range during #GeorgeFloyd  demo in #Michigan . The incident was caught on a Facebook livestream.

SCRUB. Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission scrubbed until NET (No Earlier Than) Saturday due to unacceptable Range Weather.

One of the most important “competencies” for being a durable pitcher is having as much active control of your passive external rotation range-of-motion at the shoulder. Great demo from @CKluber ! ?

"As soon as you go two hands, you're just shortening your range." Bill Ripken and Joe Girardi hit up #Studio42  to demonstrate one-handed ground ball fielding fundamentals. Check out the full #MLBTonight  demo here:

A quick and easy progression for rotational rows is to simply lower the cable setting. I love this option for helping pitchers to build mobility and strength through the more extreme range-of-motion at ball release. Thanks to #dodgers  pitcher for the demo. ? #cspfamily 

New approach allows robots to learn a wider range of tasks using some basic knowledge and a demo.

Rumored Apple partner to ship long range wireless charging tech by year end as competitors demo at CES

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Golfers are a rich demo, with average household incomes in the $100,000 range & high disposable incomes: