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I would like the “BIden has dementia” people to watch him on CNN right now, *and* compare him with what they heard from Trump today or anytime recently.

Joe Biden Plagiarized Neil Kinnock's Life Again -- Dementia Joe has Lost his Grip on Realilty and That is Dangerous

@JamesFallows  I think he does seem to have a bit of an impairment, his main advantage is that he is running against someone with worse and more obvious dementia who is also a moral cesspit

PLEASE PASS THIS ON: Police are asking for help finding Karl A. Marker, a Saginaw-area 78-year-old who suffers from dementia and has been missing for more than a day.

Join us to kick off the 2020-21 CIMTR Public Research Lecture Series and celebrate World Alzheimer’s Day, with a Music Therapy and Dementia Roundtable. Taking place on 21 September at 17:30. To learn more about the event, or to book your place, visit:

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PLEASE SHARE: An elderly Saginaw man with dementia is missing after driving himself to the mall yesterday morning. @mspbayregion 

@oreillyfactor  So which is it? Does he have dementia and is incapable of giving coherent answers? Or did he carefully memorize and prepare answers to the questions in which case, he pretty clearly doesn’t have dementia?

Kim Dotcom: 'No limit to fooling US public' if person with 'dementia' like Biden wins election @KimDotcom  @JoeBiden 

Dementia could be prevented or delayed in 40% of cases by attacking 12 risk factors

Deaths attributed to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia rose to more than 20% above normal over the summer. It's a staggering figure that won’t factor into the official count of coronavirus deaths but is unmistakably linked to the pandemic’s true toll.


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I do very well on the dementia tests I constantly have to take, said the guy in charge of nukes.

If Trump gets dementia, how will we know?

So to review, based on his own accounts, the President has taken multiple cognition tests for dementia during his presidency, finds them "very hard" and says doctors have professed "great surprise" he was able to answer all the questions.

Three North Carolina nursing home workers were arrested and charged with running an elderly fight club between their patients with dementia:

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My mom died peacefully this afternoon after a decade-long battle with Alzheimer’s / Dementia. Instead of dwelling on the disease that took her away, I would rather acknowledge the successes in her life (see screenshot) And please support @Hilar4Charity  and/or @alzassociation 

the repeated insistence, out of nowhere, that "I ACED A TEST DESIGNED TO DETECT DEMENTIA" is kinda weird?

A beautiful moment when this woman with dementia recognizes the young lady she is spending the day with is her daughter...❤️

The Hindu reports that winter migratory bird Amartya Sen just flew in and addressed the media that CAA violates the Constitution. He probably means Article 14. Dementia has clearly set in. Otherwise it is widely known that the Constitution mandates only Equality of equals.

They're trying to stop you reading about Dementia Tax. That's Dementia Tax. Dementia Tax? Think about that for a minute. Dementia Tax.