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Richaun Holmes of the Sacramento KINGS reveals that he is back in quarantine for eight more days and apologizes here after “accidentally” crossing the NBA campus line to pick up a food delivery ...

@amazon  seems to be re-routing everything from UPS to USPS, which in the case of my inefficient PO, adds days to the delivery. This week, my 25 lb bag of bird seed is going to the PO. (Glad it wasn't a 40-lb bag). UPS has not been to my house in months.

Com produtos 100% vegetais, startup NotCo abre restaurante delivery em SP

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Has the COVID-19 pandemic created an opportunity to improve healthcare delivery? 🤷 One physician says yes via @HealthImaging  @JACRJournal 

China Live doubles down on delivery, will drop its sheng jian bao all over the Bay Area

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Is this the tipping point for delivery by robot? via @ZDNet  & @gcnichs 

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"These doctors stepped up. They kept the delivery of primary care going in their communities despite offices that were physically closed, fewer staff and resources, and harder-to-reach patients" Saving primary care during Covid-19 via @statnews 

No extra charges for that special delivery 😂😂😂

Dinner plans? We've got you covered! @AmadaPHL  @TheOldeBarPHL  @VillageWhiskPHL  & @BuenaOndaTacos  are open for outdoor dining, no touch pick up and delivery

The Roost, which is already offering delivery, will open a brick-and-mortar restaurant this fall at the Aviary, a dining complex in the Tenderloin.


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These newborn twins instinctively reaching for one another to hold hands just moments after delivery is the Twitter content I’m here for...💪😍😇❤️😏

United Kingdom: Their package delivery man is named Tim. He’s deaf. Tallulah and Tim developed quite the friendship over the lockdown. Tallulah’s mom taught her to sign. She made Tim a “thank you” that he displays on his truck proudly. Humanity.🌎❤️

Anne Frank spent 2 years hiding in an attic and we’ve been home for just over a month with Netflix, food delivery & video games and there are people risking viral death by storming state capital buildings & screaming, “Open Fuddruckers!”

We have extra FDA-approved ventilators. Will ship to hospitals worldwide within Tesladelivery regions. Device & shipping cost are free. Only requirement is that the vents are needed immediately for patients, not stored in a warehouse. Please me or @Tesla  know.

During this crisis, our grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, transit and utility workers—along with so many others—have been selflessly getting up every day to make sure we have the things we need. And for that, we say thank you.

I think it's a mistake to start OPENING retail establishments to walk in traffic. INSTEAD we should allow ANY BUSINESS to offer Pick Up and Delivery starting now. It worked for restaurants, it can work for any biz. Thoughts ?

JUST IN: 93-year-old Olive Veronesi of Seminole, PA, who held up a sign at her window asking for more beer, has received a delivery from @CoorsLight . The brand tells me 150 cans arrived at her house today.

Thank you to the medical professionals, grocery store employees, delivery drivers, pharmacy workers, mail carriers, firefighters, police, nursing home employees, and everyone else who is working to save lives and keep us all going right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have stated my concerns with Amazon long before the Election. Unlike others, they pay little or no taxes to state & local governments, use our Postal System as their Delivery Boy (causing tremendous loss to the U.S.), and are putting many thousands of retailers out of business!

The pain of vaginal delivery has been described as equal to having a finger amputated. Menstrual cramps are worse than a heart attack. But do go on.