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A Delhi court has granted bail to former JNU scholar Umar Khalid in a northeast Delhi riots case connected with an FIR lodged over the violence at the Khajuri Khas area. The judge said that Khalid will be given bail on payment of Rs 20,000 bond.

Ex-JNU Student Umar Khalid Gets Bail In Delhi Riots Case

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A Delhi court granted bail to former JNU student #UmarKhalid  in connection with an #FIR  alleging “criminal conspiracy” in a north-east Delhi riots case

Northeast Delhi riots: Court says Umar Khalid can't remain in jail on basis of 'sketchy material', grants bail via @TOIDelhi 

Former JNU student leader Umar Khalid gets bail in Delhi riots case Catch LIVE updates here: #umarkhalid  #DelhiRiots 

#NewsAlert | Delhi HC refuses to grant bail to Shahrukh Pathan who was found brandishing a gun amid the Delhi riots. Nilashish with details.

A Delhi court has granted bail to one of the men alleged by Delhi Police to have injured a man in the February 2020 riots by noting that the accused had neither been specifically named in the complaint, and nor were the witnesses’ accounts dated.

"Whenever my heart is saddened or tends towards despair, I turn to look at that rose bush, which has now become my good friend." | Khalid Saifi, an activist who had been arranging medical care during the Delhi Riots violence, was jailed in February 2020.

A Year After Delhi Riots, Muslim Families Are Selling Homes and Moving Out via @thewire_in 

Delhi Riots: High Court Asks For Sealed Unredacted Witness Statements

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"I'm proud of what I did on the 23rd of Feb, and if it happens like that again, I will do that again." In an exclusive interview, Kapil Mishra says that Hindutva activists played no role in the Delhi Riots & defends the 'goli maaron salon ko' slogan.

“Inke Masjid me aag laga di hai (We burnt their mosques),” “Haan bhai shi h rnki ma chodni h ab (Yes, brother, very good, now we have to rape their mothers).” A WhatsApp group mobilising violence in the Delhi Riots is now part of the chargesheet.

Stop blaming Modi for Delhi riots and all things evil in India

Tahir Hussain confesses of masterminding Delhi riots, says 'wanted to teach lessons to Hindus' #TahirHussain  #DelhiRiots 

From celebrating terrorists like Afzal Guru to inciting Delhi riots, Umar Khalid has always worked against the idea and people of India. His cheerleaders can keep calling it dissent, but those who have lost dear ones to terror will be happy today. His long rope has run out. #UAPA 

Shocking how Delhi police is rewriting the history of a great peaceful protest—the anti-CAA movement—to concoct theory that Muslims and secular activists were responsible for Feb 2020 Delhi riots! Yet 'time is not right' to file FIR against Kapil Mishra!

Delhi riots chargesheet skips hate speeches by BJP leaders

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#Breaking | Delhi riots conspiracy: explosive details. TIMES NOW accesses police chargesheet: Tahir met Umar Khalid before riots Tahir issued pistol day before riots Tahir met several anti-CAA groups Details by Priyank. | #TahirFundedHinduHate 

Delhi riots: The mayhem in the Indian capital is on us all

I welcome Delhi High Court verdict convicting Sajjan Kumar in 1984 riots case. It has been a very long n painful wait for innocent victims who were murdered by those in power. Nobody involved in any riot should be allowed to escape no matter how powerful the individual maybe.