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Derek Chauvin won’t be the only defendant in the courtroom on MondayAmerica itself will be on trial, writes @reneeygraham .

Court adjourned when defendant and witness are found giving testimony in the same house

The Constitution guarantees due process and the right to a jury trial. But in practice, judges can increase sentences based on conduct for which a defendant has been acquitted by a jury. Our bipartisan, bicameral bill would end this unjust practice.

Shane Jenkins, Capitol riot defendant, arrested after being identified by internet sleuth: FBI

Meanwhile, in the Bruno Cua case: "Pretrial Services is hereby ORDERED to provide its views to the Court, no later than 7:00 p.m. today, whether Defendant's parents are suitable third-party custodians.”

DHILLON TRIAL: Judge sentenced defendant to 25 years to life, and 4 additional years

Under federal regulations, all parties involved in a case, including the judge, must give written permission for a defendant to be interviewed. The judge in Jake Angeli's case said he was not notified of the interview until the day it was posted.

ALERT: VERDICT: MurderdefendantKeith Gaillard found not guilty in the murder of India Clark. The woman’s lifeless body discovered in a Tampa park nearly six years ago Gaillard beat one murder charge but is set to face another jury trial Monday for unrelated murder.

Investigators say the defendant had about 433 grams of methamphetamine on her when she was stopped at the Greyhound station in Beckley.


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I was told "very loudly to get out of the courtroom" Black barrister Alexandra Wilson says court staff mistook her for a defendant three times in one day

SHOOTING HIS SHOT - A defendant apparently tried to make a move on a Broward judge during his bond court appearance this morning, but he didn't seem to get very far. 😂 STORY:

Inbox: The plaintiff AND the defendant in Obergefell v. Hodges, the marriage equality case, are teaming up to oppose Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

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Read this and tell me that the show trial of Assange doesn't read like something from Kafka. The judge permits the charges to be changed so frequently the defense doesn't even know what they are, the most basic demands are denied, no one can hear what the defendant says—a farce.

Help the #FBI  find ​six Nigerian nationals wanted for their involvement in ​business​ email ​compromise (BEC) schemes resulting in over $6 ​million in losses. Read more about each defendant at ​​, and submit tips at . #FugitiveFriday 

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NEWS: Aaron ZELINSKY, a prosecutor in Stone's case, describes significant political pressure in DOJ. "What I heard – repeatedly – was that Roger Stone was being treated differently from any other defendant because of his relationship to the President."

If the Republicans say they’re "just jurors" in the impeachment, it’s interesting that they’re sitting down with the probable defendant to discuss the case. Not exactly “juror” behavior.

The rules Sen. McConnell has proposed for the president's impeachment trial are the equivalent of a head juror colluding with the defendant to cover up a crime. Call your senators and urge them to push for witnesses and evidence, not a cover-up:

Consciousness of Guilt, noun kän(t)-shəs-nəs | əv | gilt A legal concept that refers to powerful circumstantial evidence that shows the defendant, through his actions, knew he was guilty of something. EX: ????

It is completely inappropriate that Matthew Whitaker STILL hasn’t recused himself from the Mueller Investigation. Is he sharing documents with ? A potential defendant should NEVER be allowed to choose their own prosecutor.