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Bout time to chase them ole white tailed deers.... Ain’t nothin like gettin a new Redneck Blind and knowin EXACTLY where it’s goin….

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Kentucky hunting guide 2021: From bullfrogs and bears to deers and ducks, what to know

Russians living in Siberia's Altai Mountains make a living by cutting the antlers off Maraldeers. The dried antlers are sold for more than $300 per kilogram. But animal rights groups call the practice cruel and barbaric.

Study finds antibodies to the coronavirus in white-tailed deers in four U.S. states, but it is not intended to know whether these wild animals are carriers of the virus: Ohio-based daily newspaper The Blade

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Little Ponderosa Zoo to host "Beer for Deers" fundraiser on July 17, benefiting fawn care

Lost in Flin-deers: spooked animal bolts down streets, trashes side gate

Herds of Kiangs (Equus kiang) and white-lipped deers under first-class protection in China have been spotted on the grassland at the foot of Qilian Mountain. #WildChina 

Bond investors aren't worried about #inflation , as evidenced by a 30-year Treasury yielding a mere 2.3%. Bond investors are behaving like deers in the headlights, starring at double-digit inflation, yet too confused or scared to move out of the way. They're about to get killed.

@RVMirandaINQ  Wild African animals including giraffes, zebras, waterbucks, elands; and endemic Palawan species such as Calamiandeers, mouse-deers, and civet cats, that roam freely around the 3,700-hectare island park, are the highlights of the one-hour safari ride. | @RVMirandaINQ 


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Stray dogs left unattended & without shelters are forming packs and hunt animals like roe & red deers outside Krasnoyarsk. Local photographer Petr Urozaev had to use flares to scare a pack of 20+ dogs that drove a couple of deers to a cliff

A mouse deer was born at Nandankana zoo in Bhubaneswar, Odisha earlier today. With this, number of mouse deers rises to 17 at the zoo: Bimal Prasad Acharya, Deputy Director of the zoo

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Death toll of animals due to flood in Kaziranga National Park rises to 116, including 88 hog deers and 11 Rhinos. 143 animals rescued: Assam Government (earlier pic)

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108 animals died at Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve in flood-related incidents. 9 rhinos, 4 wild buffaloes, 7 wild boars, 2 swamp deers, 82 hog deers have died in the flood: Government of Assam

Flood situation is improving, 80% of the area is still inundated. 108 animals dead while 136 rescued so far: Kaziranga National Park & Tiger Reserve Director P Sivakumar 9 rhinos, 4 wild buffaloes, 7 wild boars, 2 swamp deers, 82 hog deers have died in flood-related incidents.

96 animals died at Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve, Bokahat in the flood which hit parts of the state. 8 rhinos, 3 wild buffaloes, 7 wild boars, 2 swamp deers, 74 hog deers and 2 porcupines have died in the flood: Government of Assam

Around 14,95,321 people are affected in 21 districts due to floods in Assam. Six people died in flood-related incidents, two hog deers have died at Kaziranga National Park in the last 24 hours: Assam State Disaster Management Authority

The moment a sable attacks a musk deer in the Sikhote-Alin nature reserve, Far East of Russia caught by inspector Vasily Ampleyev. Musk deers do fall prey of sables despite difference in size when snow is too deep for them to run away, Vasily said

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You see this again and again. Politicians who try to create their own media safe spaces look like deers in headlights when they inevitably have to step out into the real world.