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A paper published in Nature presents a deep-learning algorithm for classification of cancers of unknown primary origin.

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AI Spots Individual Neurons in the Eye Better than Human Experts A newly developed system that uses OCT imaging and deep learning should enable better detection and monitoring of glaucoma. #ai  #neuroscience  #science  #artificialintelligence 

@vgr  Generative art is very popular in NFT art community creating 1/1/X releases that are coded ahead of time but randomly minted by end purchaser. GAN art is next step, which leans on deep learning.

Bias can creep in at many stages of the deep-learning process, and the standard practices in computer science aren’t designed to detect it. From 2019:

As Hinton and his students showed, a neural network could learn this very human skill by analyzing vast amounts of data. He called this “deep learning,” and its potential was enormous.

The older one gets the more wisdom there is in this tweet. Over the years, the key is developing a passion for deep learning with real breadth. Like building a puzzle, the more pieces you see, the better the picture. (2)


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Internet political ads present entirely new challenges to civic discourse: machine learning-based optimization of messaging and micro-targeting, unchecked misleading information, and deep fakes. All at increasing velocity, sophistication, and overwhelming scale.

Microsoft researchers and engineers release Zero Redundancy Optimizer (ZeRO) and DeepSpeed library, a system able to train 100-billion-parameter deep learning models. Learn about this breakthrough and how it led to Turing Natural Language Generation:

Get a free draft copy of my book on how to structure Machine Learning projects: I’d started this before but got distracted building Deep Learning Specialization; I’m now rebooting this. Sign up to get free chapters as they’re released!

We need a Goldilocks Rule for AI: - Too optimistic: Deep learning gives us a clear path to AGI! - Too pessimistic: DL has limitations, thus here's the AI winter! - Just right: DL can’t do everything, but will improve countless lives & create massive economic growth.

Want to break into AI? You can learn Deep Learning from new courses on Coursera:

Deep Learning is getting really good on Big Data/millions of images. But Small Data is important too. Am seeing many exciting applications at Landing AI where you can get good results w/100 images. Hope more researchers work on Small Data--ML needs more innovations there.

According to UC Berkeley professor Alexandre Bayen, only 10% of traffic issues can be solved with infrastructure changes. But Bayen believes in a different fix: train autonomous vehicles with deep reinforcement learning to regulate traffic flow.

T 3060 - Spending time with this generation kids, professionals, or any is a deep learning, never ever to be overlooked .. at my age you just sit back and listen .. and NEVER suggest !!

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Announcing! Deep Learning on Coursera: Master Deep Learning, and build a career in AI!

Deep thought: maybe conservatives are turning against learning because learning is incompatible with modern conservative ideology