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Biden is expected to tackle issues like pandemic management, the eviction moratorium and student loan debt payment pause today.

QE is debt reduction: @ericlonners  "notes&coins are not financial liabilities. A financial liability is the obligation to make a future payment—no such obligation w/ physical cash." "bank reserves are really just the electronic equivalent of notes&coins"

Biden plans to extend student loan payment pause ‘on day one,’ supports forgiving $10K in debt

Biden plans to extend student loan payment pause ‘on day one,’ supports forgiving $10K in debt

Turkiye Garanti Bankasi A.S.: Coupon payment of Subordinated Debt Securities to Qualified Investors

“All crisis have involved debt that, in one fashion or another, has become dangerously out of scale in relation to the underlying means of payment”~JKG/Financial Euphoria @HowardMarksBook ⁩ ⁦ @EricGPlatt ⁩

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Indian merchant-focused payment app BharatPe raises $8.2m in debt funding by TechInAsia 2021-01-07 09:06:55

@ConstantKC  @DickGordonDG . @DickGordonDGon  PhilHealth: The issue here is not the payment of the debt per se but the fact that they're putting people in harm's way.


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MALL of AMERICA in Minnesota announced it will miss 2nd payment on its $1.4 billion mortgage. An intelligent question is “Who is not getting paid?” Dominos starting to fall. IMF says debt will rise from $6 trillion to $66 trillion by end of 2020. Buy Gold Silver & Bitcoin.

The GOP somehow expects tens of millions of Americans to resume their student loan payments to the government – with interest. How about we continue the payment pause, broadly cancel student debt, and actually help families and our economy instead?

My Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act with @BernieSanders  and @EdMarkey  would: ✅Provide a monthly $2,000 payment to individuals, including children ✅Last throughout this pandemic and for three months after ✅Debt collectors would be forbidden from seizing the payments

China’s local governments have more than $6 trillion worth of debt. Some are finding it increasingly difficult to meet payment deadlines.

"It's... payment of a debt that is owed. That is what reparations is." Author Marianne Williamson earned applause and cheers when she mounted a defense of her plan to offer $200 billion to $500 billion in reparations to the descendants of enslaved Africans in the US. #DemDebate 

Happy Bobby Bonilla Day. Bonilla receives his 9th payment of $1,119,248.20 today from the Mets. He will receive 16 more annually on July 1, thru 2035. The 25 payments were to settle a $5.9M debt in 2000.

NEW: Ethics office sending letter to Rod Rosenstein stating that Michael Cohen's payment on behalf of Trump was a debt and may be relevant to "any inquiry" Rosenstein may be pursuing.

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After his final $1.5M payment to creditors on Thursday, Michael Vick is no longer in debt.

Student debt is not painless. It's a 9% graduate tax on earnings above £21,000 and that payment affects affordability when mortgage sought

If you can refinance a car payment, you should be able to refinance your student debt.