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If you're growing tired of changing the clocks back for Daylight Saving Time, you're not alone. Fortunately, there is some good news on that front today.

The biggest lie we’ve been told this year is that Daylight Saving was only one hour this time ‘round.

When you turned your clock back this weekend, daylight saving time ended. Not savings. No hyphen. We are now in standard time. Capitalize Eastern Standard Time, Pacific Standard Time, etc., but lowercase standard time when standing alone.

At 10:30am (central daylight saving time) our state political reporter @IsabelDayman  will be sitting down with South Australian Treasurer Rob Lucas to discuss the ins and outs of the 2020 SA budget. What questions do you have for the Treasurer? Ask us below! 👇 #SAparli 

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How much daylight do we have after switching to daylight saving time? Take a look at this graphic to find out! Now we have 44 more days of continuously losing daylight 😰

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What idiot moved the end of Daylight Saving Time to the same week as this election? I would like a word.

I still haven't used my extra hour of sleep from daylight saving time.

Take a break! The most serious thing on Good Day Internet today will be whether Daylight Saving Time should be permanent or not. I also have something to say about Belgium. WILL I BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO SAY IT? Tune in and find out! Now.


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Did you wake up feeling a little less rested this morning? Nobody likes to lose an hour of sleep. Last week I sponsored the Sunshine Protection Act☀️to end this unnecessary tradition. RT ? if you agree we should make Daylight Saving Time permanent!

The National Park Service wants to remind people daylight saving time is on the way – with some help from an adorable fox. Don't forget to spring forward!

The purpose of Daylight Saving Time is to celebrate the sun goddess Shapash as she awakens from her astral slumber.

Biannual reminder that if you hate it when the sun sets early, you hate STANDARD TIME. We just entered STANDARD TIME. STANDARD TIME is the bad one. DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME is the good one. We should have DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME year round. YES, I AM YELLING.

Odd, isn't it. Every reason given for Daylight Saving Time in summer months could just as well apply to winter months.

It's time to FALL BACK as Daylight Saving Time comes to an end. Be sure to turn all of your clocks back an hour after 2 a.m. on Sunday. ⏰

Well , here it is, the first day of Daylight Saving Time. Why don’t we just leave it this way instead of changing it back in November We need all the light we can get.

In bizarre Daylight Saving Time twist, one twin who was born after the other in Massachusetts is older on paper.

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