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Six shootings in one day across the Houston area led to multiple people dead, many injured and police on a rampant search for suspects.​

VIDEO: Zoila Muntané has around 2,000 Barbies, and she is adding a new cadaverous version dedicated to the Day of the Dead, which some criticize for "monetizing" Mexico's greatest cultural tradition

226,700 Americans dead in the pandemic. We remember their stories.There is an end to the death and grief. But that end is not today. The task of the living is to carry the light to find our way in this darkness until the better day comes. Until that day, our hope must endure.

University of Texas at San Antonio holds first virtual Day of the Dead exhibit

At least 337 new coronavirus deaths and 59,624 new cases were reported in the U.S. on Oct. 25. Over the past week, there have been an average of 69,804 cases per day, an increase of 32 percent from the average two weeks earlier. Total dead: 225,100

In October, COVID-19 recorded deaths in the US are 1.30% of new cases. Assuming that same ratio (which is basically as low as it's gotten), each day of case counts where they currently are means another 886 Americans dead.

Polling shows most electoral races are in a dead heat in Georgia nearly one week before Election Day.​

Coming up at 6:30pm, an all-new Halloween and Day of the Dead edition of LOCALISH LA hosted by @KarlJSchmid  from Olvera Street in Downtown Los Angeles. #Localish 

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226,300 Americans dead in the pandemic. There are too many of us that are carrying the burden of grief tonight. The darkness is heavy on our shoulders. Hope endures the night for a better day. Tonight remember those lost. Let the memories sustain us as we await the light of dawn.


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November 3rd. will be the most exciting day in U.S. Election History, even more so than 2016. Tremendous excitement and enthusiasm, like perhaps never seen before. Nobody showing up to Sleepy Joe Rallies. Places are DEAD. Stiff!!! See you in Florida tonight.

Few in the media were as negative about Trump as I was, or as pessimistic about the future, in Jan 2017 but even I didn’t predict 5 straight days of 1,000 people dead a day, & the president playing golf on that 5th day while smiling for a photo from the course. Truly astonishing.

Witnesses are dead. Not going to happen. The “removal” will have to happen on Election Day. Are you ready to work harder than you’ve ever worked before? Yup. Me too. We’ve got to show up in massive numbers so the 2020 election is #TooBigTooRig .

A huge cardboard skeleton sits in a street in the Tlahuac neighbourhood of Mexico City ahead of the Day of the Dead festival ? Pedro Pardo

He really pointed up to the sky and said today's jobs report marks great day for a dead man killed by police.

Over 70,000 Americans dead. More than 20 million newly unemployed. No national testing and trace strategy. What was the President’s message to the nation this morning? That I am “dirty” and “going down.” I have said he’s unfit for office, and every day he proves me right.

If you could bring one person back from the dead to see the state of the world for one day and record their observations, who would it be? I'd bring back this guy.

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A pandemic is declared, but not for 24,600 dead every day from unnecessary starvation, or 3,000 children dead every day from preventable malaria, or the countless daily dead from America's blockade on Venezuela and Iran and its bombs on Yemen. Before you panic consider them.

When nearly a thousand people were dying a day in Italy, our media rightly portrayed it as a horror show, a national catastrophe. 938 people are reported dead in Britain in a 24 hour period, and most of media are telling us the good news that the government's strategy is working.

Big day tomorrow in Georgia and South Carolina. ObamaCare is dead. Dems want to raise taxes big! They can only obstruct, no ideas. Vote "R"