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(John Conway's Game of Life is a simple 2D model with very basic rules, out of which you can create indefinitely complex systems; Dawkins and Dennett, among others, use it to demonstrate how evolution can create complexity from simple beginnings )

The government's desperate attempt to move on from infighting has been overshadowed by the senior MP it booted from the party room. dawkins'>John Dawkins was recognised with a national award as he copped another slap in the face. @AndreaLNicolas  #saparli  #7NEWS 

The government has come under fire for wasting time on in-fighting, when thousands of South Australians have lost their jobs. Today, the Liberal parliamentary party booted new Legislative Council President, dawkins'>John Dawkins, for disobeying orders. @AndreaLNicolas  #saparli  #7NEWS 

Wow Premier@marshall_steven  in a foul mood tonight, could it be (A) Lib MP abstentions in HoA Speakers election? (B) Dawkins election as LegCo President? (C) His appalling strategy to attack @PMalinauskasMP  for demanding all MP’s cooperate with ICAC when the Premier refused?

Josh Teague has been elected Speaker of SA Parliament and John Dawkins has taken over as Legislative Council President amid a bitter #Liberal  Party split. #saparli 

Breaking Just heard dawkins'>President Dawkins just verbally attacked for standing for President of the Legislative Council.


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“Spikes, I’m gonna take his soul.” dawkins'>Brian Dawkins deserves a statue at Lincoln Financial Field

Javed Akhtar@Javedakhtarjadu  is the 2020 dawkins award'>Richard Dawkins Award winner and I could not be more pleased. The Center for Inquiry, on whose board I sit, has designated him this year's recipient for his courageous public stands on behalf of atheism, rationality, and freethought.

The hard part of #MarchMadness  UCF coach dawkins'>Johnny Dawkins gave an emotional postgame speech to his team after their heartbreaking loss to Duke. (via )

Breaking: Sources say FBI wiretaps intercepted Sean Miller and Christian Dawkins discussing a payment of $100,000 to ensure star freshman DeAndre Ayton signed with Arizona.

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Coach JohnnyDawkins’ postgame speech is class personified ❤️ (via @UCF_MBB )

? dawkins'>Damary Dawkins was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia & passed away on Sunday. ?  joined a campaign to find him a stem cell donor... ? ...and visited him in a hospital in London on a day off. ? Tonight, dedicated his second goal to Damary.

Just watched the replays of the Zion drive and also the R.J. offensive putback off the missed FT. Looked like Zion extended his left arm on B.J. Taylor on the drive, and also R.J. pushed Dawkins to get the board. Duke got a favorable whistle. Not exactly shocking.

Brian Dawkins. Weapon X. Hall of Famer. Congratulations to , now a member of the Class of 2018! #FlyEaglesFly 

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