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that beautiful moment when David Cameron claimed to support West Ham having forgotten he was actually a Villa “fan”

David Cameron backs Covid passports to 'open up our economy as rapidly as possible'

David Cameron has warned Rishi Sunak that tax rises “wouldn’t make any sense at all”, comparing the Covid crisis to a wartime situation in a rare intervention ahead of next week’s budget

Exporters hit by new red tape are paying price for Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit, says David Cameron

Steve Bell on David Cameron's call for a 'muscular' green recovery - cartoon


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‘David Cameron made the referendum policy because he didn’t want to risk losing 10 or 15 seats to UKIP and look where it has got us’ This 16-year-old says the Conservative Party are responsible for Brexit. #bbcqt 

David Cameron committed to a Brexit referendum in 2013. I see he is still claiming - as he did at the time - that there was some sort of public clamour for one. Wrong now as it was then. Brexit was only ever about the Tory party’s internal psychodramas.

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In my 4+ years opposing David Cameron I never saw a parliamentary performance like tonight’s from Boris Johnson: deeply irresponsible, stoking division, using dangerous, inflammatory language, fanning the flames of hatred. This is not about right and left but right and wrong.

David Cameron just said he was "very proud" of how Iain Duncan Smith cut social security for those who need our help the most. Millions are living in poverty, foodbank use has soared and some have died after being deemed "fit for work". The Tories don't and never did care.

David Cameron: "Thank you very much........................doo, doo, doo, doo. Right...Good." (The End)

Watch: David Cameron ignores repeated calls for him to apologise over 'terrorist sympathisers' comments #SyriaVote 

You know it's bad when you're not celebrating David Cameron resigning

David Cameron has decided not to attend tonight’s debate. If you're applying for the job of PM, you should turn up to the job interview.