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#GLeagueAlum Darel Poirier@d4re16 ) with the REJECTION in the lane ? ?? ➡️ @CapitalCityGoGo  #NBABlockWeek 

? Darel Poirier SPINS & SLAMS! ? ?: @SLCSummerLeague  on @NBATV 

? Watch out for Darel Poirier ?

#GLeagueAlum Darel Poirier@d4re16 ) with the SPIN & SLAM ?️? ?? ↗️ @CapitalCityGoGo  ➡️ @spurs  #NBASummer  on @NBATV 

. assignee with the behind-the-back dime leading to an And☝️ for Darel Poirier () ? :

Quite a connection! assignee finds the 's Darel Poirier streaking to the hoop for the two-handed SLAM! Watch:


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There's NO stopping Darel Poirier () ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️ ?? ➡️ ? :

Look who stopped by to #GLeagueShowcase  ? is here taking stock of the talent, and catching the eye early has been Darel Poirier, who is playing with the and is eligible in 2019! Tune in to watch him LIVE on

Darel Poirier () SLAMS IT HOME for the ??? Watch the and on Facebook LIVE ➡️

Darel Poirier with some early morning windmill action ? ?? #2018GLPI